The adventure begins the moment guests step through the door of this dude ranch-style hotel waterpark resort. As they approach the front desk, patrons immediately hear the rush of water. Overhead, a thrilled child soars through a translucent body slide, across the lobby, through a large glass wall, and into an incredible indoor/ outdoor waterpark.

Housed in a large, rustic building that’s surrounded by horse pastures, the waterpark itself features a 19th Century gold mine theme. A vast complex of tubes and towers resemble water flumes from an Old West mine. Visitors might think they are here to pan for gold.

Inside, a large zero-entry pool, lounge deck area and wave pool invite guests to relax, while a large rock mountain with mine entry openings sits across the way and beckons adventure.

At the sound of a warning bell, 2,000 gallons of water gush from the mountain through a large bowl slide, creating a cascading torrent down the mountain into an elevated splash pool. Water rushes across the pool and spills over the edge into a series of smaller pools below. Here, visitors soar downhill from one pool to the next. The cascading water slows to a stop at the leading edge of the wave pool.

A lazy river is designed as a complete experience as well. Although “lazy” hardly describes this ride: arch jets, water curtains, various types of dumping buckets, air bubblers and pipe falls punctuate the course. Visitors will likely be blasted by water cannons from protected perches; more mischievous people will be attracted to a water dynamite plunger that blasts them out of their tubes. The river traverses the wave pool and into a darkened grotto, where mine-like vent holes dump large buckets of water from above. The river continues past a cluster of rocks, where an adult spa on top invites parents to relax for a moment while overseeing activities in the park.

Farther along, the river passes tube slide pools and comes to a transition point where (weather depending) visitors can either enter a cave or continue through winterized Plexiglas doors and into the outdoors. Within the cave, riders can dock and enjoy a large nearby family spa. The Plexiglas curtains also split the spa half-indoor and half-outdoor. The spa remains open during winter months.

For more active adventure, an ascent up the mountain leads to various levels of an integrated slide tower, featuring a choice of body slide, tube slide or bowl slide. There are a total of six slides throughout the park, some of which run outside and back into the park.

Water sports enthusiasts can choose from a variety of activities, including water volleyball, water basketball and walking floats.

And there’s plenty to keep children and toddlers (and their parents) happy. A spray deck with a large interactive play structure complete with its own slides, dumping buckets, tunnels, raindrops, water creatures and water guns, are guaranteed to hold a child’s interest for a long time.

For those who prefer to stay dry or who want a break, a large video arcade brings virtual thrills. And when guests are hungry, the park offers several dining options: a snack bar, a mezzanine-level food court overlooking the waterpark and a fine food restaurant.

This innovative waterpark facility carries many obvious as well as hidden surprises to ensure there will never be a dull moment. Rope and rock bridges, catwalks and intricate staircases, all evoking images of an old mining town, build the adventure and wonder of the landscape.

The overall effect creates a visual tapestry inducing the excitement, interest and desire to return to this dream facility again and again.