In the simplest of terms, our dream facility combines the interaction of an aquarium with the education of a conservatory, along with the excitement of a waterpark. Professional marine and terrestrial biologists will staff and manage the wildlife areas of the park. Much care will be taken to keep the aquatic systems and wildlife environments separate to maintain the integrity of the habitats.

Guests will chart a course along the park’s rivers and wave pools and experience the sights and sounds of far away ecosystems. But even if they’ve visited the park before, guests will have a reason to return again and again. That’s because the park will be like a museum whose exhibits and theming change periodically. Both flora and fauna can be transformed from an Amazon jungle to the Outback to the Mississippi Delta. This rendering shows an ecosystem that depicts an Egyptian Nile theme.

What’s more, the waterpark is indoors, so the weather is perfect every day. The roof’s glass panels provide the view and sunlight that makes guests feel as though they’re outdoors, without having to worry about the sun’s harmful rays. No one will ever go home with sunburn at this park. And state-of-the-art ozone and saltwater chlorination for pool disinfection keeps the water safe and healthy.

Here are a few highlights of the waterpark and what the rendering reveals:

A grand entrance makes a great first impression. As guests enter the facility, a world opens up to them and the choices for adventure seem endless. Glass walls from the hotel lobby allow visitors to overlook the park. The mountains and foliage surround those windows, making guests feel as though they are already part of the experience.

Within various dry spaces throughout the park, there are many interactive exhibits that reveal information about the ecosystem and stress the importance of a sustainable and diverse world. These spaces also allow room for live entertainment. Venues can include popular cartoon characters, parades, local entertainment or celebrity guests and autograph signings. These opportunities make the stay memorable, and also serve as photo opportunities, providing an additional revenue stream for owners.

An extensive river flows throughout and forms the heart of this facility. It meanders through the mountains and empties into the wave pool. It will chart a course that mimics the world’s greatest rivers and allow guests to get up close and personal with dolphins, otters, fish and more. As such, this river is a floating live exhibition lined with aquariums and glass cages containing animals native to the ecosystem. This aspect makes the river an educational journey as well as an entertaining experience. As the river enters the mountain, it becomes a glass tunnel with marine animals swimming above and below the riders.

A specialty saltwater pool allows guests to take “interaction” to the next level. One end is a shallow pool that is an artificial reef complete with live fish. Snorkel gear is available for rent. The opposite end of that pool is much deeper, and scuba gear is available for rent so that guests can explore the treasures hidden there. Training for these hobbies is available during off-peak park hours.

A labyrinth of rivers, start towers and slides weave in and out of the man-made mountains. The cliff’s waterfalls are not only beautiful, but are perfect for those with adventure on their minds. Kayak jumping is becoming more popular every year. These cliffs and round pools give experienced riders the opportunity to practice their maneuvers. A series of cliff diving pools are for those risk-taking souls who enjoy hurling themselves from great heights into deep pools of water.

In the wading pool, special care will be taken to appeal to children of all abilities and ages. Slide heights will be varied, components mixed and the depth consistent, so that parents can relax on the edge and be entertained by their children.

Safety is always our number one priority. And to that end, guests will be given an electronic wristband that will allow groups to locate their loved ones. The wristband also serves as a safety device, alerting lifeguards if it is submerged at an unsafe depth for too long. It will also allow adults to automatically pay for food or services by charging to an account, letting them leave their wallets safely in a locker.

Taken as a whole, this dream facility engages and entertains guests — and leaves them longing for more. Its scale and beauty is impressive. With live exhibits and entertainment, each visit to the park will be unique. These benefits will keep guests returning for more adventures — and keep operators in the black.