Howard Doughty

Blue Ash, Ohio

Architect: BCI
Aquatic Designer/Consultant: BCI
Builder: PSS Contractors
Pool/Spa/Waterfeature Contractor: PSS Contractors
General Contractor: CBS Construction


With this renovation, the city of Blue Ash, Ohio, wanted to reclaim its wading pool.

Over time, the vessel had stopped attracting users. Even those with smaller children gravitated toward the larger pool. The management and design team wanted a significant revamp that would engage guests, but it would have to fit in the limited space between the lap pool, Recreation Center and filter building.

To meet both goals, designers developed a “meandering through the stream” approach. They created a series of vignettes along the pool deck and in the pool, in response to the way children explore and perceive the world. Various features would keep children occupied in an area for a time, until they noticed the next discovery.

These areas included an interactive water table on the deck, as well as spray pads with interactive features of varying sizes. Children could further venture to the water bubble and island in the pool, two zero-depth areas with sprays, and a dumping bucket/slide play feature.

For safety’s sake, the vignettes were composed and positioned so parents could easy view their children across the pool and deck. Bold, bright colors throughout further draw the children from one destination to the next.

To fit the 4,400 sq. ft. wading pool into the available space, the team expanded the deck to each of the bordering structures. The surge tank was located in the island, not only to preserve space, but also to minimize plumbing runs for maximum hydraulic efficiency.

Floor Covering: Diamond Brite
Guard Chairs/Safety Equipment: Tailwinds
Interactive Waterfeatures: Vortex, Recrea
Pumps: Auroa
Slides: Vortex