Our Dream Facility, the Aqua Arcade, combines standard features and cutting-edge technology in new, creative ways. Within one large spraypark are several domains that entertain and challenge children of specific ages and abilities — and put a new spin on old games.

The “ball” is a 2-by-6-inch, soft-foam disk, light enough to float easily on the jets of water yet heavy enough to glide good distances when kicked. For an extra layer of safety, the entire play surface is covered in a quarter-inch of impermeable, soft, nonslip aliphatic urethane. This material softens falls, while not absorbing or impeding the flow of water.

Following rules similar to field soccer, the two teams kick and chase the “ball” up and down the field to score goals. When a goal is scored, sensors trigger a full second high-pressure pulse in the mini-jets, soaking both teams. Once one team scores four goals, a celebration wave pulses five cascades of water toward the losing goal. Between matches the field is drained, signaling the end of the game or time to switch sides. Parents and fans can keep their cool watching from the soaker benches spaced along the sidelines.

Other fun awaits patrons of this Dream Facility in the Game Zone, a ring of kiosks set up around a circle of jets and geysers of foam. Each kiosk will be plumbed with small jets and have a series of simple keys. A variety of traditional games and puzzles will be available for play in this area, such as rock-paper-scissors and concentration. The players will make selections on their kiosks, and the games will have a spraypark twist. For instance, when a player makes three incorrect choices, the dousing jets spray them in the face, while the foam geyser erupts from underneath their legs. When only one player is left, victory will be declared as all the other jets and geysers fire off in a rhythmic pattern, while the central circle feature shoots skyward.

For more active guests, there’s Combat Zone. In this area, four water cannons are arranged in a square, just out of reach of each other. In front of each cannon are targets and jets directed back at the player. Over these targets are buckets with small weep holes mounted on spring levers. The object is to soak your opponents by shooting the target in front of them, thus activating a nearby jet.

However, if a player can fill the suspended bucket in front of him, a glasslike water bubble will lower from his water-dome roof, shielding him as his cannon is super-charged with compressed air. This allows the player to safely hose all opponents directly with a soaking spray of foamy water. This advantage lasts until the water leaks from the bucket, resetting the system. If a protected player dares to leave his shield, he’ll also be able to set off “geyser bombs” underneath his opponents by stepping on various activators.

For the younger set, there’s the Mouse Trap Zone, a rickety contraption of buckets, weirs, tipping pipes and shoots that will amaze younger guests with the clickety-clack of a meandering wave of water. Youngsters and their parents can turn an old-fashioned auger-style pump to fill the first tub. Once critical mass is achieved, the tub spills down to fill a teetering pipe, which tips when full to pass the water into the next trough. When the weight is too much, a weir door drops open, allowing the water to spill and splash its way through more shoots, buckets and canals. The water then clicks, whirls and splashes until it finally completes the circuit to gently flow out onto the children’s feet.

The central feature of our Dream Facility is the Honey Pot splash pad. This play domain incorporates a fanciful field of idyllic imagery. The four central features include the cascades, a series of water domes in three sizes, which simulate giant flowing beehives. Two more features will be of similar construction, but in reverse order. These consist of three domes stacked so that the water elongates into an elaborate water hourglass sculpture.

To the sides of the splash pad, little bears peek out of honey pots to signal the flush of five gallons of water pouring out onto the waiting children. Rally Around the Flag will balance off the pad with team activity. Front and center framing the central pad are our spraying butterfly and bumblebee. Of course, a variety of ground sprays also pepper the deck.

For maximum visual appeal and nighttime fun, fiberoptic and LED lighting will provide a carnival of lights and colors. Their color-changing appeal can be synchronized or random, gaudy or subdued.

Because safety is always our first concern, all play surfaces are covered in safe, colorful aliphatic urethane, a soft and impervious decking material that adds colorful nonskid surfacing while softening the falls of children.

Our enhanced sanitation package incorporates UV, ozone, enzymes and stain preventers to ensure the treatment package delivers the most pure, clean, safe water that modern technology can provide. Various play areas in the Aqua Arcade will drain by gravity to a large central collection tank. Here, the water will be pretreated with a broad-spectrum natural enzyme blend, which will include generous amounts of clarifiers and surfactants. This product will be introduced in ultra-low volumes through multiple injection points into the open-pit reservoir.

From here, the water will take two paths, first through filtration and treatment, then to the features. The feature and filtration strainers will have clear lids to assist operators in checking for loading and suction leaks. The feature treatment pumps water through a pair of large, pleated hair and lint strainers, followed by a coarse bed of activated carbon to filter, treat and reduce turbidity. Following the carbon filter, the water passes through a large UV chamber for sterilization and to eliminate any remaining chloramines. Finally, the water is sent through a system of manifolds and booster pumps to various play areas.

The more intricate filtration stream begins with a large, pleated hair and lint strainer. The water is then ozonated and filtered. Generous sand filters will automatically backwash as needed. Post filtration, the water is sanitized with gas chlorine and the pH is properly adjusted utilizing top-tier chemical automation equipment. The last step is to blast the return water into the holding tank from ports located 12 inches above the water level to cause aeration so the water can properly breathe. Sizing of equipment and placement of take-up ports and return lines will be such that the entire reservoir will be completely treated and turned over every 20 minutes.

The reservoir and equipment room will be located in a covered enclosure with lattice walls to ensure proper ventilation and safety. The fill water will pass through a carbon filter prior to introduction to the reservoir.

Just in case everyone is too enthralled in play to notice the summer storms, our lightning detection system will shut down the system and notify guests to take cover — and when it is safe to resume play.

Taken together, this Dream Facility is the interactive, zero-depth, water-play pad of the near future, delivering attractive, awe-inspiring water effects with all the activity, control, safety and excitement next-generation technology can deliver.