With the new Lions Park sprayground, the city of Cheyenne, Wyo., affectionately nicknamed “Magic City of the Plains,” undoubtedly created some magic.

The city embarked on the Lions Park Enhancement Project to meet the needs and expectations of the community through creativity, design excellence, and budgetary responsibility. Part of the endeavor included developing an area for young children to enjoy a safe water play experience, and the design process required site planning and coordination with existing projects in Lions Park. Existing facilities included a municipal swimming pool, playground and picnic area.

Aquatic designers Counsilman-Hunsaker in association with architects Lyman Davidson Dooley designed the $750,000 sprayground to engage youngsters with a range of interactive water play elements.

Today, Cheyenne’s spraypark guests experience 17 bright-colored play structures including large, aboveground water sprays and smaller, flush-mounted water equipment. Features include jumping jets of shooting streams of water; directional jets sending water arches outward 10 to 20 feet; and ground aerator sprays producing large eruptions of foamy water.

A deck pop jet discharges a ball of water directly into the air. Additionally, restrooms and concessions were also added for sprayground patrons.

Amenities aside, part of the spray park’s draw is undoubtedly the beauty of Lions Park itself. Numerous pine trees and boulders create a dramatic backdrop for youngsters to zip around the water play area.

This lively park enhancement offers families an exciting, refreshing new way to enjoy Lions Park. The Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Department charges $1 for children age eight and under and $2 for children age nine and over, but unlike a standard swimming pool, parents can leisurely enjoy a summer afternoon while their children play safely under misting water towers, circular geysers and spritzing water cannons. And they’re doing just that.

According to Wyomingbusiness.org, since completion in the spring of 2007, the sprayground has experienced approximately 160 children per day. What’s more, the adjacent swimming pool experienced a 15 percent increase in patronage.

Associated firms and suppliers

Aquatics Consultant: Counsilman-Hunsaker, St. Louis

Architect: Lyman Davidson Dooley; Marietta, Ga.

General Contractor: Monument Builders; Cheyenne; Wyo.

Sprayground Equipment: Waterworks International; St. Louis