The National Swimming Pool Foundation and its CEO, Thomas Lachocki, Ph.D., were given the fourth annual Blue Mind Award for its work organizing the World Aquatic Health Conference. They were presented with the honor at the 14th annual WAHC.

The award is named after the book extolling the wonders of water, called Blue Mind, and is meant to recognize individuals or organizations that facilitate positive change in water.

“Dr. Lachocki, the National Swimming Pool Foundation team, and the entire World Aquatic Health Conference network have connected the dots between physical and mental health and an active aquatic lifestyle,” said Blue Mind, the organization that offers the award, in a press release. “Their leadership is changing for good the conversation about the value of clean, healthy water.”

Blue Mind, the organization, supports and advises those working to reconnect people to water. It also sponsors the annual Blue Mind Summit and spreads the message of water and its magic around the world through a range of media, events and workshops.