n our Dream Facility, guests are the happy “victims” of a dramatic shipwreck, washed up on the sunny shores of an isolated tropical island. This paradise is filled with aquatic adventures, jungle animals, lush scenery, secret grottos and exciting escapades. The overall waterpark resort consists of a multistory hotel, a 125,000-square-foot hexagonal indoor waterpark and a 7-acre outdoor waterpark adjacent to a natural beach area.

The adventure begins the moment guests enter the resort lobby. As they check in at the front desk, they come upon the Endless Adventure River, complete with waterfalls and pools that flow into the river. The endless river lives up to its name, transporting them nearly a mile pasthotel rooms, the resort lobby, and the indoor and outdoor waterparks. Hallway bridges cross the river to provide guests access to their rooms. The river divides in the lobby to the indoor and outdoor waterparks. Guests cruise below the lush waterfalls of Mt. Thunder and evade interactive animated animals that playfully spray and splash them. The outdoor river splits again for two different adventure river experiences: Dark and spooky through the Creepy Cavern, or wild and fast down Plummet Falls.

In Creepy Cavern, people can explore the grottos of this mysterious island paradise. The right fork of the outdoor Endless Adventure River curves near the idyllic natural beach, but then winds into Creepy Cavern. The cavern is filled with special effects, including fog, animatronics, sound and lightning. This is a dark and thrilling experience, not for the faint of heart. Riders earn their rites of passage to the wave pool on the other side.

At Plummet Falls, visitors are treated to a breathtaking raft ride. First, an uphill river ride conveyor transports them to an elevated river level. From there, they take an exhilarating trip down Plummet Falls, a slide flume consisting of rapids and pools, down into the adventure river, which weaves past the remainder of the outdoor waterpark and back into the hotel.

Visible from the lobby is the versatile Lava Lagoon, an 11,000-square-foot, indoor wave pool. At the back of the lagoon is majestic Mt. Thunder, a “volcano” with lighting, smoke and sound to indicate the start of the wave pool. A 50-foot-wide water screen over Lava Lagoon provides continuous projected entertainment. It continues even after the waterpark is closed, when a colorful water light show synchronized with wide-screen images projected in the darkened waterpark takes the spotlight. Through the center of Mt. Thunder runs a four-lane speed slide with more special effects. Other sides of Mt. Thunder include a stage area for theatrical productions and Cascading Cliff rock climbing on other faces.

And who can resist the hotbed of activity at the multilevel indoor water-slide complex? It includes starting platforms at 32 feet and 45 feet, two tube slides, two body slides, one tube bowl, one oscillating tube slide, one body bowl, one uphill/downhill water ride, and the four-lane speed slide. Next to the water-slide complex, pick up a gourmet lunch at Surf-N-Turf Café. Lounge on the deck of the café overlooking the indoor surf machine ride. Surfing beginners and experts alike will be trying out this challenging ride.

Castaway Cove, a swim-up bar, is located partially indoors, partially outdoors underneath the elevated sun deck. The sun deck is adjacent to large glass panels, which make up two walls of the hexagon. The lower section of the glass walls open for transparent access between the indoor and outdoor waterpark.

Near Castaway Cove is the 13,000-square-foot Paradise Pool, with sunning shelves and two secluded spa islands. Lining the beach of this pool are themed and elevated “tiki hut” cabanas. Guests can rent cabanas for a daily getaway within the waterpark. Each cabana is outfitted with tables, chairs and deck loungers. The slower pace of Paradise Pool is the perfect place to relax, immersed in sunlight and the sights of this picturesque getaway.

Castaways can even have their own treehouses under the indoor waterpark canopy. Perched 30 feet above the indoor waterpark are six 1,200-square-foot, themed family suites. To reach these high-demand suites from the hotel, guests cross a unique suspension bridge. Each of the suites offers a birds-eye view of waterpark activity during the day and the light show at night. Beachfront suites, situated along the shoreline, also are available at premium rates.

Outside, a full day of fun awaits at the outdoor water-slide complex. Starting from the twin 55-foot-high towers, guests have several ways to get down: the inline boat ride, family raft ride, tube slide, oscillating tube slide or the vertical winged tube ride. Depending on patrons’ slide choice, they may arrive at Shipwreck Coast or down Plummet Falls. Each adventure is sure to supercharge the senses of those involved.

Guests also can escape to the hot springs in the Jade Jungle, an outdoor spa garden. The jungle is secluded on the quiet side of the outdoor Endless Adventure River.

Patrons can relax in one of the multilevel cascading spas or a rental cabana, surrounded by lush green foliage, vibrant flowers and the sounds of tropical birds. Personal spa services are available in this tranquil setting.

Centrally located in the outdoor waterpark is Shipwreck Coast, which includes a concession stand, gift shop, a bar and restroom facilities. This feature is an automated shipwreck stage located adjacent to the double outdoor wave pool. Every four hours during operating hours, guests can experience the dramatic re-enactment of the ship plunging upon a coral reef and breaking into two pieces. Seamen abandon the wildly pitching ship by vaulting over the sides, while the stalwart captain refuses to leave the vessel. After the show, pieces of treasure “recovered from the deep” are available for sale at gift shops on the shipwreck. The best view of the scene is from the 18,000-square-foot double outdoor wave pool. The wave pool is split for general recreation on one side and serious waves and surfing on the other side.

As you can see, there’s no need to leave this resort for any other entertainment or meals because all can be found here. The only real decision to make is how long to be a castaway at this island paradise.