"The Legend of the Lost Pearl” follows a fictitious character created specifically for Yas Waterworld. Dana is a young Emirati girl on a quest for the legendary pearl that brought prosperity to her village long ago. The rides and attractions follow her journey with theming, story lines and costumed characters. Pictured is Marah Fortress, a children’s playground that includes six slides, two dumping buckets, a water-shooting geyser and water cannons.

The park offers 43 rides, slides and attractions that fall into four thrill levels to attract all ages and tastes. This surfable sheet wave, which designers say is the largest of its kind, is called Bubbles’ Barrel and is one of six rides rated at the extreme thrill level. It is 3 meters high and powered by 1,250-horsepower pumps moving 7,000 liters of water per second. Programming projected on the screen in back adds to the atmosphere.

Every detail in the park is meant to honor the heritage of the UAE's Emirati people. In deference to the Abu Dhabi climate, the designers created several permanently shaded rides, queues, lounging and dining areas. A careful use of fun colors incorporates youth appeal while fitting into the Emirati theme, as seen on the low-profile slides and accents here at Tot’s Playground. It is one of 15 attractions suitable for smaller children.