2011 Issues

January 2011 January 2011

New products for 2011, Holding movies at your facility, Understanding diatomaceous earth, Closing your facility at the end of the season, and more.

February 2011 February 2011

2011 Power 25: Keepers of the Code, Preparing staff for an emergency — and its aftermath, DBP basics, Avoiding liability due to negligence, Dealing with cloudy water, and more.

March 2011 March 2011

Leisure Pool Issue: Design on a dime, Understanding SVRS, MAHC and operator training, Lifeguards and communication, Chlorine demand issues, and more.

April 2011 April 2011

State of the Industry: How the numbers shake out, Minority outreach, Preventing RWIs, Activities to increase your lifeguards’ physical strength, Using connections to solve problems, and more.

May 2011 May 2011

Complying with ADA guidelines, 2011 Aquatic Facility Handbook, Cutting chlorine usage, Life-jacket-required policies, Taking control of in-service lifeguard training, The power of written pool rules, and more.

June 2011 June 2011

Aquatics International University, 2011 Top Products, Mobile marketing, Reaching out to minority groups, Training for high-stress situations, Connecting to customers with smartphones, and more.

July 2011 July 2011

2011 Dream Designs showcase, Lessons learned when an ordinary day turns into an extraordinary crisis, and more.

September 2011 September 2011

How waterparks attract new audiences, Solutions to corrosion, Recruiting techniques to attract a diverse staff, Honing your CPR skills, What happens when social media goes too far, and more.

October 2011 October 2011

The Aquatics X Factor: How to defend your facility from budget cuts and renew interest in swimming, The danger of subsidies, Implementing a swim test policy, The health benefits of aquatic immersion, Trusting your instincts when facing a design issue, and more.

November 2011 November 2011

The dangers of shallow water blackout, New controller technology, Addressing minority swimming needs, Training staff to recognize abuse, Dealing with out-of-control spectators, and more.

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