2012 Issues

January 2012 January 2012

2012 New Products issue, The benefits of aquatic therapy and rehab, Understanding ORP and its impact on water quality, Techniques to boost guards vigilance, Real-world impact of in-service training, and more.

February 2012 February 2012

2012 Power 25: The next generation of leaders, A proactive approach to dealing with ADA compliance issues, Using new tech and old ideas to tackle chloramines, Taking a hard look at your daily practices to ensure safety, and more.

March 2012 March 2012

Adding fitness/wellness programming to your leisure facility, The American Red Cross undergoes changes, The MAHC Risk Management/Safety Module, Pre-service screening to ensure your guards are fully trained/certified, The risks of promoting staff too soon, and more.

April 2012 April 2012

Profile: London’s Aquatic Centre, Salary survey: Resourceful ways to contain costs, Why minority drowning stats should matter, Optimizing your in-service training, High bather loads and healthy water, and more.

May 2012 May 2012

Refresher: A look back at the drain cover recall, Studying the Heimlich maneuver, and its use in drowning rescues, Getting pools ready for the season, A look at 2012 rules & regulations, Bringing realism to your incident simulations, and more.

June 2012 June 2012

AIU: Business Courses, 2012 Most Valuable Products, A minority drowning serves as a wake-up call, Keeping aquatics facilities running on a healthy track, Special effects to give lifeguard training scenarios new purpose, and more.

July 2012 July 2012

2012 Dream Designs showcase, Dealing with government regulations, and more.

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