January always is an exciting month at Aquatics International. Not only is the new year a time of reflection, but it also is a period of rebirth. For this reason, we present the annual New Products issue to our readers. Now, we're taking it a step further by breaking down the latest products to hit the waterpark market.

Here's a look at 12 fresh items you may wish to consider for your facility.

1) Antiwave Pool Products' Live Vest Rack is made from recycled plastic to eliminate splintering and rusting and is combined with stainless steel fasteners. It is designed to endure in aquatic environments and can hold up to 64 life vests in both adult and children sizes.

2) Help your patrons keep their personal valuables safe with the AquaVault Commercial Rental, a portable safe that can be attached to sturdy frames such as umbrellas and lounge chairs. Made from high-impact ABS thermoplastic, each comes in white and includes a rental grade lock with master key.

3) Relax more with the Sunset Chaise Lounge from Grosfillex. The first sun lunger made using gas injection technology, according to company officials, they are made from a polypropylene resin enriched with fiberglass and aluminum particles.

4) Empex Watertoys takes whimsical to the next level with its AQUAMOTIVS collection of trains, race cars, planes, firetrucks and police cars for waterparks. The collection also includes AQUATOTS, a line of Empex little people.

5) Log-look outdoor furnishings from Kay Park are made of fiber-reinforced concrete to withstand outdoor elements. The furniture is stained and textured to resemble a real log and add a natural element to the surroundings.

6) MedTech Wristbands USA now offers Tyvek 1-inch Litter free wristbands, an environmentally friendly alternative to event bands. Available in a variety of colors as well as with a logo, image or text, the wax tab that covers the adhesive portion of the band remains attached to the wristband when peeled back to reveal the adhesive -- a design that reduces litter.

7) The race is on with Polin Waterpark's new slide, Space Race. The tube ride launches two teams from a tower and shoots riders down into a bowl where they gain increasing velocity as centrifugal force sends them shooting around before plummeting through the bottom.

8) ProSlide's RocketBLAST water propulsion system for water coasters features patented nozzle jets and boat pockets that drive 3- to 4-person boats. It was designed to use 50% less water and 50% less energy than previous propulsion systems.

9) Rave Sports' Luma Tubes are single round tubes that feature internal LED lighting with five color-changing modes. Made from clear pearl frosted PVC vinyl and measuring 48 inches around, each comes with anti-UV fading and anti-mold/mildew protection. The color modes include constant red, constant blue, constant green, slow transitions of the colors and pulsing of all the colors.

10) Vortex Aquatics Structures is a collection of four events inspired by nature’s flowing streams that can be separated or joined together. The events include a labyrinth, a race, a jet "dance", and a tide pool and are designed to teach children about the way water can interact with objects and its surroundings.

11) Get your patrons' size right with the new height measuring stick from Water Safety Products. Made from recycled plastic and manufactured to be anti-corrosive and resistant to UV light and chlorine, they can be purchased in 48- and 42-inch heights.

12) WhiteWater West's Slideboarding integrates riding a waterslide with the challenge of multi-level, multi-purpose gaming for a whole new experience. Designed to appeal to all ages and skill levels, riders use the Slideboard and attempt to hit targets for points and unlock new levels with each ride.