AQUASALT Loves the Pool & Spa Industry!

Aquasalt, LLC

100% dedicated to the Pool & Spa Industry! AQUASALT is the only pool salt both Made In the USA and Made in a Food Grade Salt Facility.

No more staining from “who knows what” in the salt bag.

No more “mystery clouds” when adding salt to the pool. No Solar Salt issues. Only the best. Only the Purest.

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Poly-A and Calcium Hypochlorite Tablet Feeders

AllChem Performance Products

Facility managers and operators, builders and designers place a priority on sparkling clear water. That’s why we offer the Vantage Poly-A Tablet and are introducing the new VPF-20 Poly-A Tablet Feeder. This unique and powerful clarifier tablet works with your filtration system to remove organic and inorganic compounds that can cause dull or even cloudy water conditions.

AllChem also provides the ACF Series Calcium Hypochlorite Feeders. The ACF 8, ACF-18, ACF-60 and ACF-250 feeders are now available in a compact, convenient and simple-to-install skid mounted form.

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Competitive Racing Lanes


AntiWave offers competitive racing lanes in two sizes, our Forerunner (4.75”) and Maximum (6”), and a Mini (2.5”) recreational lane.  Our lanes use hydrodynamic propulsion, which quells waves by rolling them to the bottom of the pool where they are dissipated.  The discs, floats and Supertensioners for our lane lines are available in a wide range of colors. We stand behind the quality of our products; all products are covered by our 3 year warranty.  Purchase lane lines and a Storeel together for a discount on the Storeel.

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ChlorKing’s NEX-GEN is the commercial swimming pool industry’s first on-site chlorine generator with neutral pH chlorine. This unique system re-uses the swimming pool water so TDS is never an issue, and requires no water softener. NEX-GEN is available in 5-, 7.5-, 10-, 20- and 40-lb. per day models. Why buy and store chlorine when you can make it on-site for less than $1 per gallon?

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PVC Pool Liner


The RenoSys PVC Pool Shell is a 60 mil reinforced flexible PVC membrane system used to upholster the interior of your existing swimming pool or newly constructed pool.  This system is slip-resistant, watertight, low-maintenance and masks virtually any surface imperfection.  It is perfect for renovation or new construction projects.

The RenoSys PVC pool shell is a commercial grade product that has many advantages over other liners and renovation methods. The PVC material does not flake like paint and plaster or crack like fiberglass or tile.  It also helps reduce maintenance and operational costs by not having to close down during the season to clean and remove algae.

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Kersplash™ Pool Climb Walls: Climb, Splash, Repeat

Spectrum Aquatics

Add adventure to your aquatic area with a poolside climbing wall from Everlast Climbing. Kersplash™ is suited for indoor or outdoor use and is available in two panel styles.

Kersplash™ Crystal Clear™ complements any aquatic center with visibility to areas behind the wall while Kersplash™ Color panels make a bold visual statement.

What’s more fun than the challenge of pushing yourself to climb to the top of a wall? The rewarding splash back down!



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Salt Synergy®

TMI Salt Pure

TMI has been trusted for more than 20 years to provide the best water ever with TMI Salt Pure® systems — providing sustainable aquatic solutions to your commercial water needs. Treating a commercial pool with Salt Pure® equipment is the greenest way to provide the chlorine residual required by commercial code, while providing sparkling natural water to attract swimmers as well as a safer, less toxic working environment for the pool operator. It is also cost effective.

Now, TMI takes your water to the next level with Salt Synergy®. Salt Synergy® is an integrated system that provides Salt Pure® sanitation, UV oxidation for chloramine control, chemistry control, preventative maintenance and personalized remote Web-based support. Treating a commercial pool with UV has shown to dramatically reduce combined chlorine and improve water quality. E-UV® equipment is also available for non-salt pools.

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Pool Blaster PRO 1500 Cordless, Rechargeable Commercial Pool Vacuum

Water Tech Corp.

The Pool Blaster Pro 1500 is designed with the pool cleaning professional in mind.

These units are recommended for heavy duty commercial use. Hoseless and cordless each comes with two rechargeable batteries which will give you up to three hours of cleaning time, an onboard filtration system with three reusable filter bags.

The Pro 1500 comes with an industrial grade Omni directional head adapter with a 19 wide flex head with 12 ball bearing wheels. 

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WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

AquaPlay™ – Make your waterworld interactive!  Innovative attractions, designed to stimulate the imagination and create exciting “hands-on” adventures for everyone.  Multi-level platforms and a variety of interactive aquatic controls give participants a myriad of possibilities to explore and play.  Vibrant colors, moving parts, splashing water and no long line ups – all add up to quality guest experiences that will keep them coming back again and again.  AquaPlay™ products by WhiteWater are the next generation in water play with the most playability, strong visual appeal, many interesting journeys throughout the structures and amazing custom themes, making AquaPlay™ the product of choice.

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Valves & Controls Free CD Catalog

Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc.

New CD features complete product catalog, CAD files, product video, installation instructions and a special “Plastic Valves 101” tech guide with info on materials, valve function, piping systems, and a working flow rate calculator. Info on pressure and flow control, strainers, actuators, solenoid valves and more. E-mail [email protected] or visit to request a CD.

Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., ph 973.256.3000, fax 973.256.4745.

Atria Custom Aquatic Enclosures

CCSI Int’l., Inc.

Atria aquatic enclosures are designed to provide the most advanced commercial enclosures available. Color coated aluminum frames and rafters minimize maintenance. The light trans-mitting insulated roof panels open to allow for natural ventilation. Atria enclosures are a quality choice for pool enclosures, water parks, and other aquatic recreation facilities. Spans available to 150 ft. For nearly 45 years CCSI Int’l., Inc., Atria’s mfg. has been a leader in the development of aquatic enclosures.

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Raypak 84 Professional Heater-Flexibility at Its Best


Designed specifically for commercial and high-end residential pools, this commercial grade heater delivers maximum installation flexibility. From direct vent readiness to multiple water connection options. Standard with a brass header, cupro-nickel tube, ASME certified. Liberal use of stainless steel through-out the construction. 3 years parts and labor limited warranty (see warranty for details).

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ADA Requirements

Recreation Supply

RecSupply can help your facility achieve ADA Compliance. The new ADA law goes into effect 3/15/11, with compliance required by 3/15/12. Contact us to discuss what the ADA requirements mean for your facility. We can help you select the best products for your unique set of circumstances.

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ADA Easy Stair

Triad Technologies Inc.

ADA Easy Stair is fully compliant with all 2010 ADA Guidelines, plus NEC Bonding Codes, and is a cost-effective solution for pools requiring a secondary means of pool access. Features: portable and removable, no pool anchoring required, custom trimmed, includes entrapment skirts, requires no pool bonding.

Triad Technologies Inc., 800.729.7514,

Ride A Tricycle On Water

Aquatic Adventures Intl.

Fun, safe, durable. High profits, low maintenance. Introducing the new AC5 AquaCycle by Aquatic Adventures Intl., Inc. Whether on a lake, bay, beachfront or marina, Aqua cycles attract attention and bring in business. Lower maintenance means higher profits. Available in 5 bright colors: red, yellow, orange, green, and blue.

Call us at 800.970.2688, send email to [email protected] or visit us at

Technical Pool Solutions

Technical Pool Solutions

Keep your filter at peak performance and never change sand again! Technical Pool Solutions has developed a sand cleaner that with regular use will result in lower: combined chlorine, trihalomethane, chloroform, disinfection byproducts, biofilm, scale and bacteria. Improved filtration will enhance swimmers performance because the swimmers will be able to train harder with healthier air and water.

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Speck VFD

Speck Pumps

Speck Pumps introduces our Variable Frequency Drive for commercial pool applications. The unit features plug-and-play technology, multi-pump fixed and floating controls, a real-time clock remote keypad, built-in flash memory, the ability for users to install their own programming, overload trip protection and outdoor-rated enclosures.

For more information on the VFD or any of Speck Pumps’ products, call 800.223.8538 or visit the website at

Hayward’s Next Generation HCF Series Sand Filters

Hayward Commercial Pool

Hayward® Commercial Pool’s next generation Sand Filters offer new, exciting features including: rapid open/close tool-free lid mechanism (with industrial-grade yoke assembly and 12" x 16" manway with two viewing windows for visual inspection). Also new: non-corrosive glass-filled ABS legs, and a 34" model for the replacement market.

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ColorQ PRO 7 Handheld Photometer Kit

LaMotte Company

The ColorQ PRO 7 (Code # 2056) handheld pool and spa professional photometer measures Free Chlorine (DPD), Total Chlorine (DPD), Bromine (DPD), pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid directly on a display. The ColorQ eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations thus taking the guesswork out of on-site water analysis.

LaMotte Company, Chestertown, MD 21620, 800-344-3100,

Pool Covers & Storage Reel System

Lincoln Equipment, Inc.

One of the most cost effective purchases you can make for your Aquatic Facility. The use of an Insulating Floating Pool Cover will reduce water evaporation, chemical loss, energy costs and will help keep your pool cleaner. Pool covers are custom designed and fitted to your pool dimensions. Stainless Steel Storage Reels are designed for easy removal and storage of your insulating Pool Covers.

Contact Lincoln at 800.223.5450, [email protected] or visit our web site at

Empex Watertoys®

Empex Watertoys

Since 1986, Empex Watertoys® has been an innovator of unique interactive Aquatic Playgrounds and Sprayparks, providing interactive water play for hotels and resorts, municipal parks and recreation facilities, housing complexes, YMCA’s, YWCA’s, campgrounds, zoos, military bases, waterparks and amusement parks.

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Recreonics, Inc. Buyer's Guide

Recreonics, Inc.

Recreonics, Inc. Buyer's Guide and Operators Handbook contains the largest selection of commercial swimming pool equipment available. Complete with technical product data, this full color, 208-page guide is an essential tool for aquatic directors, pool managers, swim coaches and anyone in the pool industry.

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New S.R. Smith Splash! 300 Pool Lift

S.R. Smith

The ADA compliant Splash! 300 is simple to install and has a 300 lb lifting capacity. Easily removable from a stainless steel anchor, it is powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery. The Hi/Lo model is useful for facilities with both in-ground and above ground spas.

For more information, visit or call 800.824.4387.

Attractive, Affordable Water Slides

Mason Corporation

Clients boast dramatic increases in membership sales after installing Mason Water Slides. It’s true! Our prices always include; design, manufacturing, shipping, and installation and start at $10,000.00. We are currently enjoying our 29th year serving the industry.

For more information please call 800-821-4141, or email [email protected], or visit,

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