Each year, The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Brass Ring Awards honor exhibitors and attendees for excellence in the attractions industry. This year’s recipients included a good showing from the aquatics side. Winners were presented with the award at this year's Expo in Orlando, Fla.

The awards are named after the brass ring, a tradition dating back to the 1800s. Rings made of iron and brass were suspended above carousel riders at heights low enough for them to grab, but high enough to pose a challenge. Grabbing a brass ring was considered an accomplishment, since there were only a few compared with many iron rings. Riders who grabbed brass were often given a prize or a free carousel ride.

This year's aquatics winners include:


Waterpark Ride/Attraction Class A (product cost of $2 million or more)

1st Place
Aquatic Development Group
Breaker Beach

The Breaker Beach Boogie Boarding Wave Pool provides the experience of real ocean surf in a controlled boogie-boarding pool. The wave system has the capacity to dispatch riders every 10 seconds, reducing lines and wait time.

2nd Place
Polin Waterparks
Space Race

Space Race is a waterslide that allows groups of riders to compete against one another. Two round, family-style rafts enter a bowl in two tubes on opposite sides of the entry tower. Competing teams are separated by a dividing wall, but can see each other as they travel through the course.

Waterpark Ride/Attraction Class B (product cost of less than $2 million)

1st Place
Mat Blaster

Mat Blaster combines mat racing with an uphill water coaster, the inspiration for which came from riding a Master Blaster with a foam mat. On the initial drop, riders plunge headfirst down a 13-foot drop into a valley before climbing two hills that lead into a 360-degree Whizzard loop.

2nd Place
ProSlide Technology

FlyingSaucer combines design with technology to create a slide experience made for thrill seekers. Riders move through a tube and are fed into a large open saucer, then back through the tube. The roll and pitch of the saucer creates speed and centrifugal force, keeping the riders in place.

Technology Applied to Amusements – Class B

1st Place
Smart Blast
The system is designed to save park operators money by using less power and water to propel a Master Blaster or Mat Blaster. Smart blast uses variable frequency drives and a proprietary control algorithm to adjust pump speeds while the ride is in operation.

Merchandising and Retail Products

2nd Place
Waterloo Tent & Tarp
Air Lounge

Air Lounge modern inflatable furniture collection mixes comfort with high-end design. Setup takes only three minutes. Neoprene covers allow high-resolution printing. The material is manufactured for strength, making furniture suitable for different terrains. It comes in three sizes, including a single chair, a sofa and an ottoman.

Services, Equipment and Supplies

1st Place
Water Safety Products
FlipEasy Rescue Tube Pack

FlipEasy is designed to hold a lifeguard’s CPR mask and offers immediate visual and physical access to a CPR mask with just the pull of a tab. The rescue pack has an adjustable strap that can also be removed and is able to attach to any standard belt or hip pack.


Booth Size 500-899 sq.ft.
1st Place Empex Watertoys