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Crypto is Coming: Ready Your Resources

How will your facility get ready for the worst-case scenario? More

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The Rise of RWIs

In the summer of 1988 — the year Aquatics International first went to press — 44... More

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Crypto Closes Minnesota Aquatics Center

Minnesota heath officials are reporting a record number of cryptosporidium cases... More

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Report: Crypto Education Works

Health officials are heralding a new report that analyzes a widespread Utah RWI... More

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‘Crypto Hotel’ Saga Continues

Tourists are suing First Choice Holidays and Flights after hundreds allegedly came... More

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Hot Summer Brings Crowds, Crypto

Labor Day has come and gone and that means your seasonal pools are all probably shuttered for the winter. More

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Crypto Reported Overseas

Several crypto cases, all overseas, were reported recently. More

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U.S. Avoided Major Crypto Outbreaks

As of Oct. 1 no major large-scale crypto outbreaks were reported in the United States for 2009. More

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