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A Call for Shorter Certifications

Are CPR certification organizations ignoring the research? More

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What Really Happens When Someone Drowns?

Many don’t understand how drowning looks — including aquatics professionals. While... More

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The Language of Drowning

A look at the terms "Hypoxic Blackout" vs. "Shallow Water Blackout" More

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Fear vs. Swimming

The fear of water should be approached as a distinct issue. It doesn't... More

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Drowning Prevention Around the World

Starfish Aquatics Institute partners to promote water safety More

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Cultural Approaches to Aquatics

Integrating local culture into design can provide a cultural bridge in aquatics... More

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Multiple Victims Can Mean Hard Choices

In cases where more than one person needs to be recsued, who do you help first,... More

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Tips for Designing Equipment Rooms

A pool pro urges builders to consider the needs of the end user when designing... More

Tags: Design, Viewpoint
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Poolside CPR

How one city's lifeguards and firefighters joined forces to launch a successful... More

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On the Same Page

During the past few years, the aquatics industry has promoted professionalism and... More

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