Amy Duck
Amy Duck

Growing up, Amy Duck was probably not one of the kids you’realways reminding to stop running on the pool deck or attempting a dive into water that’s way too shallow. Even from an early age, she valued safety and helping others. So it’s no surprise that today she’s a safety and health manager at The Walt Disney World Resort.

She’s also the risk management and safety chair for the Model Aquatic Health Code project. The committee is charged with developing science-based guidance and recommendations regarding chemical storage and handling, signage, pool depth markers and other safety-related items.

A 10-year veteran at The Walt Disney World Resort, Duck began her career with a degree in occupational safety and health from Murray State University, Murray, Ky. She has supported The Walt Disney World Resort properties as a technical subject matter expert, engaged in multiple aspects of project design, operations and strategic planning. Today she’s an integral part of the team opening the new Disney Vacation Club Resort in Hawaii.

Much of her work involves aquatic safety, and Duck says her early experience participating in Disney’s college student program as a lifeguard helped launch her career in the of field of aquatic safety.

Outside of her day job, Duck was part of the team that developed aquatic play equipment standards, recently adopted by ASTM. She also helped draft the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s Aquatic Play Handbook.

As chair of the Risk Management/Safety Technical Committee, Duck describes her role as “bringing together various individuals of different backgrounds.”

The committee includes health officials, operators (such as Duck) and industry representatives, including manufacturers and aquatic designers, and the challenge over the past 1½ years has been taking the range of input on various items and synthesizing all the information into a document that’s universally applicable.

"One of the most rewarding elements of our work is the ability to share our knowledge for the benefit of the public at large," Duck says.