Ed White

Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre
Langley, B.C., Canada

Architect: HDR Architecture Associates
Aquatic Designer/Consultant: Water Technology Inc.
Pool Builder: Master Pools Calgary
General Contractor: Graham
Structural Engineering: The Krahn Group
MEP: Rocky Point Engineering


In addition to engaging visitors of all ages and interests, the team designed this venue so different sections could have their own opening and closing dates.

Under a wooden canopy sit a lifestyle pool, hot tub, and 25-meter competition pool with 1- and 3-meter diving. The cantilevered roof allows guests to maintain a connection with the outdoors while enjoying shelter and some amenities for warmth. A subtle detail helps this section blend with its environs: Rods supporting the canopy are slightly angled to match the natural shape of evergreen trees in the distance.

Several technologies keep this area comfortable most of the year: A solar system; infrared heat lamps; a system to recover energy produced from cooling the skating-arena ice; and in-deck radiant heating.

Removable fencing can divide this area from the rest of the center so it can operate independently during winter. A separate entrance here helps with this goal.

A current channel, wave pool and splash pad broaden the center’s appeal. A play structure includes four slides, dumping bucket and interactive features. An additional slide tower boasts two tube slides and one body slide.

The team wanted a cheerful circus theme, so the play structure features big-top tent elements, a ringmaster and popcorn for the dumping feature. Bold and bright hues support the theme. The rods supporting the overhanging roof were inspired by ropes that prop a circus tent.

The facility’s open concept causes the sound to dissipate, softening noise that otherwise could distract training athletes.

Filtration: Neptune Benson
Gutters: Lawson Aquatics
Interactive Waterfeatures: Whitewater West
Pumps: Goulds Marlow