Garrett Reid

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Architect: HKS
Aquatic Designer: Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering
Landscape Architect: EDSA
Builder: Codelpa
MEP: IHD Ingenieros


Set in an all-inclusive resort in the beachside resort town of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, this 16,000-square foot kids aquatic playground was built to conform with the property’s emphasis on children’s programming.

The installation features one separate section for toddlers and another for tweens and teens. A wet play structure boasts eight slides that appeal to various ages. It also offers dozens of spray elements and is capped off by a tall dumping bucket to drench anyone in the vicinity.

Next to the slide structure sits a splash pad appropriate for toddlers. The zero-depth play area sports vertical spray elements and interactive fountains to engage little ones safely. Padded, slip-resistant flooring not only absorbs impact when children take a fall, but also allows parents to painlessly kneel next to their little ones as they play. To further account for adult comfort, landscape islands throughout provide places to supervise older children from under shade and outside the splash zone.

A colorful Caribbean theme — with palm trees, parrots and sea life — paint a child’s version of the ocean experience. Bright colors were chosen to complement other areas of the property, including a magenta from the ice cream shop and vibrant green from the landscaping.

The spraypark included an ultraviolet sanitation system for safe water quality.

Controller/Control System: BECS Technology
Filtration: Neptune Benson
Floor Covering: Life Floor
Interactive Waterfeatures: WhiteWater West
Pumps: Marlow
Slides: WhiteWater West
UV System: ETS UV Technology