Then: The Keller Pointe provides nearly 90,000 square feet of space for fitness, sports, and aquatics programs. On the aquatics side, it has indoor and outdoor pools with slides and play features, and offers a full schedule of classes as well as lifeguard certification courses. Perhaps most impressive is that the facility — a public property -- is managed by the City of Keller Parks and Recreation department. When recognized by Aquatics International in 2009, the judges noted the facility’s singleminded emphasis on staff training. While all staff members had to be certified in American Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED for the Workplace, the aquatics staff received much more intense training, including the American Red Cross’s Waterpark Lifeguarding, CPR/AED for Lifeguards, and certifications in bloodborne pathogens and administering emergency oxygen. Swim instructors were required to be certified as water safety instructors, and to receive three hours per month in-service training.

Now: Since 2009, the Keller Pointe has continued with its emphasis on safety training for all staff. In addition to the above requirements and Red Cross certifications, lifeguards now do four hours per month of in-service training. Beginning this year, The Keller Pointe is adopting the Jeff Ellis Swimming Program for all its swimming instruction. The program provides a swimming curriculum for all levels, and is quickly adaptable to advances in best-practice swimming instruction. Also new this year is an outdoor spray park. The facility continues to offer its favorite seasonal events -- like the Birthday Bash, the Pumpkin Splash, and the Underwater Easter Egg Hunt -- and has added Aqua Zumba to its aquatics class offerings. Participation in swim lessons continues to show a year-over-year increase, and aerobics and water walking classes are holding steady. The well-designed facility also has a number of shallow coves where swim lessons can take place while other activities are in progress. Good design and good management are paying off: Though owned by the City of Keller, The Keller Pointe uses no tax dollars for operation but is fully self-supporting from membership and usage revenue.