For the operators of Hersheypark, the world-renowned “Sweetest Place on Earth,” there was no better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary than with the opening of The Boardwalk, a waterpark attraction area themed after historic Northeastern beach communities such as Atlantic City, N.J. At $21 million, The Boardwalk is the largest attraction added to the park yet.

The Boardwalk debuted in summer 2007 and consists of five popular water

attractions, including a stationary wave machine, sand castle-themed

toddler play pool and a slide tower. But the flagship feature is East Coast Waterworks.

Said to be the largest multilevel, interactive water-play structure in the world, East Coast Waterworks is designed as a spraypark on a grand scale. It stands seven stories high and includes seven slides, from 6 feet to 4 stories high; crawl tunnels; and hundreds of interactive toys, including pull ropes, tip cones, 225 feet of bridges, geysers, spray jets and two tipping/dumping buckets. The variety of play elements make it an adventure for “kids” of all ages.

Aesthetically, East Coast Waterworks captures the excitement and imagination of guests with bright, primary colors and theming elements that combine the best of two summer vacations, a day at the waterpark and a trip to the beach. The names of several Northeast beaches are used, along with beach staples such as seashells, lighthouses, sand castles, boats, fish, beach balls and seagulls.

East Coast Waterworks uses more than 54,000 gallons of water, and

“behind the scenes,” several components help make the operation more

efficient and eco-friendly. All filtration systems in the park use regenerative diatomaceous earth filters. These filters produce only a small amount of waste water, saving thousands of gallons.

So far, the attraction appears to have successfully epitomized the family-

oriented atmosphere of the park. Attendance hit an all-time high of 2.7 million in one year after the opening of The Boardwalk. In addition, the park was presented with several awards from IAAPA, including:

  • The Brass Ring Award for Distinguished Excellence in Outstanding Marketing Work for the 2007 park brochure
  • Gold Awards for the Hersheypark summer campaign (advertising), Hersheypark Centennial/Boardwalk press kit (PR) and (Web marketing)
  • Silver Awards for the Hersheypark Boardwalk podcast series (Web marketing); coverage of Hershey, Pa. (PR); and Hersheypark Centennial and The Boardwalk opening campaign (PR)
  • Bronze Awards for the Summer Hersheypark Sweetmail campaign (Web marketing); Hersheypark Google search marketing strategy (Web marketing); “Good Morning America” coverage of The Chocolate Spa (PR); USA Today coverage of Hershey, Pa. (PR); and Family Circle coverage of Hersheypark (PR).