The wave pool at Kandle Park & Pool in Tacoma, Wash.,— the first in the county and one of a few in the state of Washington — features 120 linear feet of zero-depth beach area for accessibility. The machines produce up to 3-foot waves in multiple configurations, yet imitating the ocean isn’t the sole purpose of this attraction. Instead, features such as a dumping bucket, the “fumbling five,” and water cannons were included to engage those not looking to hang 10. The pool also hosts swim lessons and off-hours lap swimming, which take place in four 25-meter lanes placed in the deep end.

The circular “Tot Pool” is not only accessible to little ones, but also versatile. The zero-depth perimeter gradually descends to 12 inches, and low-impact waterfeatures, such as geysers and a cascading water toy, offer small children a safe, calm environment. When the larger wave pool is closed, the Tot Pool can be drained and function as a spraypark for older kids.

Despite a 9-foot elevation change on the site, minimal grading was needed due to careful placement of the pool. A chamber holding the wave-generating equipment was tucked below a viewing platform at grade, which ramps down to the pool’s zero-depth entry. Because the facility is located on a busy street, the designers placed support buildings and landscaping to shield patrons from traffic and parking.

Thinking ahead, the team fashioned the complex for sustainability and future additions. Buildings are made of structural insulated panels to reduce heating and cooling loads, and skylights in the restrooms and changing rooms reduce lighting demands. Toilet partitions are made from 100 percent recycled material. The roofs are covered with solar reflective shingles. Sustainable site features include permeable pavers, large rain gardens and native vegetation.

Facility managers hope to add features such as a lazy river, slide and meeting room in the future. To accommodate these future plans, the facility was designed with empty electrical conduits and water piping that extends to the expected site of the future features. Additionally, pool pumps were chosen based on anticipated loads.