This multipurpose dream facility is located at the crossroads of three closely-knit cities. Its location, a 15- to 20- minute drive or bus ride from each city, easily attracts large numbers of visitors. The complex is also accessible by bike. As a result, this regional facility will generate the necessary capital resources to maintain and run itself.

The complex has approximately 68,000 square feet of wet aquatics facility space and 20,000 square feet of dry area. This facility attracts every member of the public, from families with small children to the elderly and disabled, by offering the widest array of features for exercise, entertainment and therapy all in one place.

First, a 50-meter competitive pool with a diving area supports the community swim team. Special features of this pool include two movable bulkheads and an adjustable floor. The bulkheads partition the pool for multiple activities, such as diving at one end and water aerobics at the other. The adjustable floor can achieve zero depth to accommodate equipment and wheelchairs.

Support facilities include team locker rooms, offices and bleacher seating. A series of rolling dividers can be closed to mitigate sound and separate the competition pool from the recreation area.

Adjacent to the competition pool is a warm-water teaching/ therapy pool. This is helpful in teaching children to swim without the interference of the large pool, making the learning experience more comfortable and easy.

And as an example of the complex’s versatility, the teaching pool and adjustable floor area can be converted into a warm-water therapy pool complete with aquatic treadmills and aqua bikes. To further treatment, visitors can soak in the comforting waters of the swirlpool next to the sauna and steam room.

Moving away from the exercise component introduces patrons to aquatic entertainment. A far cry from past generations’ shared competitive pool with laps at one end and games of “Marco Polo” at the other, this dream facility maximizes its capabilities.

The main draw: the wave pool. Located at the center of the complex, the wave pool is essential in any new aquatics facility. As the number one attraction, it ensures the facility’s financial success. Its zero-depth access eases entry, even for wheelchair users. Small children can play in the splashing water at a couple inches deep, while older kids frolic in the waves.

The elderly can also enjoy the motion of the water while floating on the waves. Play structures and spraying apparatuses are scattered around the wave pool, adding to the variety of amusement.

Water slides, too, are popular items with visual appeal. This dream facility offers standard slides, two corkscrew slides and a roller-coaster-type slide that pushes riders up and drops them back down.

Weaving in and out of the complex, a lazy river connects the indoor and outdoor areas during the warm summer months. During the colder months, the river is closed off and limited to the “vortex” area.

To the side, a surf pool is one of the newest and most exciting ways to attract adventurous visitors who can surf and boogie board. This pool not only entertains the riders but the spectators as well.

Finally, the outdoor area incorporates a pool with play structures, sundecks, and picnic areas.

The complex uses environmentally friendly ways to continue running smoothly and to respect its surroundings. For example, using lots of natural light reduces the need for electric lighting while providing a thermal heat gain in the facility. Ventilation heat recovery condenses moisture taken from the ambient air and injects it back into the pool. In addition, the large site introduces geothermal heating and solar power.