Michael Phelps is truly a champion.  The summer of 2008 in Beijing, we saw him win an unprecedented eight Gold Medals in 8 swims.  Seven of those swims were accomplished in world record times. 

Just less than two months ago at the World Championships in Rome, Phelps won another five Gold Medals and a Silver in the 200 Freestyle. 

In Olympic performances alone, Phelps has attained 16 Gold Medals and two Bronze…the most decorated Olympian of the modern games.

Michael Phelps name is among the current World’s Greatest Athletes. His name is mentioned in the same breath as Tiger Woods (golf) and  Roger Federer (tennis).  In time, he will be listed among the World’s Best Ever Athletes of all time.  Only two other swimmers have achieved this notoriety, Johnny Weissmuller and Mark Spitz. 

There have been a number of books previously written on Michael.  Sports Illustrated, The New York Times and USA Today all produced ‘instant’ photo montage newsstand booklets after Beijing.  He has been on the cover dozens of magazines including a record (for a swimmer) five covers for SI.  (Spitz was on three)

Michael’s personal life outside of the water…his drunk driving arrest after the Athens Games in ‘04, his infamous bong photo that emerged in a British tabloid and recent automobile incident get posted immediately to the Web, emerge in the next newspaper edition and have even been covered by sports television.  

Though a sponsor or two may have left him (I certainly don’t blame Kellogg’s) last fall, he still is the most recognized swimmer on the planet with endorsements and TV commercials that could not have been possible just a few short years ago.

Even his mom and his pet bulldog have been a part of the ‘celebrity’ that Michael Phelps has become.

Unless you have absolutely no interest in the sport of swimming or have not paid attention to the sports pages over the past year and a half, all of this is old news.

In NO LIMITS, Phelps and writer Alan Abrahamson take the reader behind the scenes into Michael’s life.

There are eight chapters with the titles: Perseverance, Belief, Redemption, Determination, Confidence, Courage, Will and Commitment, co-paired with each of the eight events he swam in Beijing.

NO LIMITS interweaves these chapter headings with Michael’s own story.  Perseverance tells his childhood story of overcoming attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and being raised by a single mom along with the road to winning and setting yet another world record in the 400 IM.

Each chapter is unique in its revealing of Michael the individual/athlete and his growth and history of his first 23 years of life as well as Michael’s own words regarding the accomplishments of each of his Gold Medals in Beijing. 

NO LIMITS is a straight forward (auto)biography of a young man who has exceeded expectations and has truly exhibited the will to succeed.