For more than 50 years, Neptune-Benson Inc. has been a family-run leader in the aquatics industry. Started in 1956 by Junius “Babe” and Raymond Gertz, it was a manufacturer of steel swimming pools, primarily for the residential market. The Coventry, R.I.-based firm, now directed by Barry Gertz, has been recognized for success in product development and technology innovation.

Neptune-Benson pioneered an award-winning regenerative-media filter in 2004. Utilizing regenerative media technology, it also incorporates perlite as a filter media. That, along with a variety of other system adaptations and enhancements, combine to efficiently deliver what has been named among the safest highest-quality water in the industry.

The filter has been shown to use 80- to 90 percent less water than traditional sand filters. Also, it significantly reduces the costs associated with chemicals, fuel, energy, labor and space.

“We started working on the development of the filter very early in the days of the green movement,” says June Holaday, Neptune-Benson marketing manager. “We knew that sustainability issues would be hitting us all very hard.”

Now, just a few years later, 400 such filters are in operation across the globe, she says. As environmental concerns continue to escalate, the company expects the filter’s popularity to increase.