Winners were named at this year’s Surf Park Summit Awards, honoring companies and individuals in the continually growing surf park industry who drive innovation and progression in the areas of sustainability, innovation, democratizing access, and leadership.

The Sustainability & Positive Impact category recognizes the efforts of those who are contributing to the creation of environmentally conscious surf parks, reducing their carbon footprint, and implementing sustainable practices in their operations. Additionally, the category celebrates the impact of these surf parks on their local communities as they work towards building a sustainable future for the surfing community.

STOKE received the award. Finalists included The Wave; EpicSurf; and Sustainable Surf.

The Innovation award applauds those individuals and organizations who are driving this industry forward through their innovative ideas and practices. It is meant to recognize those who are shaping the future of the surf park industry by continuously exploring new possibilities and striving for excellence in all aspects of technological development, enhancing the guest experience, and operating practices.

Flowstate received the Innovation award. Finalists included Wavegarden; and Surf Lakes.

The Democratization & Accessibility category recognizes the importance of inclusivity in the surfing community and celebrates those who are working towards making the sport accessible to everyone, helping to remove the barriers that have traditionally made it difficult for individuals from landlocked regions or marginalized communities to participate in the sport. This category celebrates the surf parks that prioritize accessibility by providing affordable, safe, and inclusive facilities that cater to diverse populations.

The winner of this award was Skudin Surf. Finalists included URBNSurf; and Unit Surf at Wellenbezwingen

The Summit Leadership Award celebrates an individual in the surf park industry who has demonstrated a vision, passion, and innovation that has led to exceptional contributions towards advancing the development and growth of the industry. This award acknowledges this individual's ability to inspire others and to drive change through their visionary ideas and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Tom Loch of Surf Loch was so honored. Honorary designations went to Tudor of URBNSurf; and Sean Young of Wavegarden.