In embarking on an aquatics project, the city leaders of Marion, Ind., wanted to create an exciting and entertaining multi-purpose experience for residents. They got just such a facility with Splash House at Junction Park. The $3.7 million facility opened in July 2007 and features an array of amenities designed to please a diverse crowd.

The more adventurous can enjoy the facility’s multiple waterslides. The 200-foot open flume waterslide and the 189-foot closed tube waterslide both include multiple turns. Additionally, a bowl slide extends for approximately 90-feet off of a 35-foot tower into a splash bowl funnel where riders swirl around and drop vertically into an eight-foot-deep catch pool.

For those looking to kick back, a leisure pool features a zero-depth beach entry popular with guests looking to soak up the water and sun while watching their children play in the shallow water. Patrons can also congregate and relax in the spa-like hydrotherapy in-pool seating area.

Flowing out of the leisure pool, a lazy river winds though the park on an adventurous but tranquil voyage. The river is popular as a floating journey or a water-walking space for both fitness classes and adults seeking non-programmed exercise.

An interactive play structure with a 5-foot-diameter tipping bucket is also located within the leisure pool. The attraction is a multi-level, interactive structure where children can scamper through spraying water, climb across bridges, scurry over and under tunnels, and slide down just-their-size waterslides.

Finally, a water vortex creates an interesting area in the leisure pool where water jets propel water in a circular motion. Guests of all ages enjoy swimming in the swirling water where imaginations determine the escapades. By turning of the vortex pump, the area becomes a space for instruction and other aquatic programming.

On the dry side, the facility offers ample shade. There is a permanent shade structure over the concession patio and several trees around the deck providing additional shade. Additionally, a 1,200-square-foot equipment building keeps things running smoothly and a 2,000-square-foot bathhouse including restrooms, lockers and changing areas makes Splash House at Junction Park a daylong experience.