Tri-City Court Club added SplashDown Cove Waterpark to boost its membership, especially during the summer months. The play unit presents 17 different waterfeatures — including two water slides, a water blaster, and tipping buckets — that adorn the outside of the aquatic play unit. At the very top, the SplashDome delivers a 30-second “curtain of water” to children below every five minutes.

“What’s really cool about this play unit is the surprises. It’s great to watch the kids discover each of the features,” said Janelle Klashke, general manager of the TCCC. “This is really fun, really interactive play. There is water squirting out everywhere — you are definitely going to get wet.”

SplashTacular designed, manufactured and installed a 212-foot, bright yellow water slide for SplashDown Cove. The 42-inch, open bodyslide stands on a 28-foot tower.

The water slide has a sensor trigger located at the start and stop for each rider recording highly accurate ride times transforming a regular water slide ride into a rider contest that keeps them coming back for more. This results in long range attraction appeal and ride longevity.