Judge’s Comment: Excellent attention to the core concerns of customer service, safety and training.
Judge’s Comment: Excellent attention to the core concerns of customer service, safety and training.

With a wealth of programming, patrons and clients find whatever programs they need at Vidant Wellness Center. The Greenville, N.C.-based facility targets young and old, healthy and those in need of a lifestyle change.

Members can participate in aquatic group exercise classes for no charge. Members and nonmembers alike can sign up for group swim lessons, private lessons, aquatic one-on-one, personal training, aquatic arthritis or weight path classes. The facility is open for swim laps and recreation as well.

Amenities include the multipurpose pool, with temperatures ranging from 85 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s also a 90-degree therapy pool, used for outpatient therapy, aquatic arthritis, lessons and other programs. The whirlpool spa, reserved for relaxation purposes only, is set between 102 and 104 degrees.

Great thought and care has gone into keeping the pool accessible and safe at Vidant. The multipurpose and therapy pools are ADA-compliant, with 450-pound capacity swim lifts that allow all demographics the opportunity to enjoy the center.

When it comes to safety, all employees are hired through Vidant Hospital’s recruiting department. An unannounced emergency action plan drill occurs monthly to allow aquatics staff to practice various types of rescues and make any necessary adjustments. The facility design gives lifeguards access to pools and the whirlpool spa without any barriers, so they can move quickly across the deck. To make sure the guards stay strong and maintain their endurance, they must swim 500 yards at every training.

Staff maintains an intense focus on all aspects of customer service, which keeps members, clients and guests coming back. For instance, when operators received some complaints on a newly revamped class schedule earlier this year, they took the opportunity to listen to the concerns of patrons through a series of forums. Ultimately, the matter was resolved and a new membership advisory panel will help to better address similar concerns in the future.