A Chicago news agency is asserting that waterparks in the state of Illinois are not being checked for safety after numerous lawsuits are filed as a result of injuries.

In a recent article posted to WGNtv.com, Mark Suppelsa discusses how WGN Investigates has uncovered a lack of oversight when it comes to waterpark attractions.

"We found that the Illinois Department of Public Health and some counties inspect for water quality, but no one in Illinois appears to be looking at the safety records of rides in water parks," he writes.

The news agency set out to research the issue after seven patrons sued Magic Waters in Rockford for injuries sustained on its attraction Splash Blasters.

"The department of health in Winnebago County where Magic Waters is located, only has a checklist for things like water quality, temperature, cleanliness, lifeguards and proper paperwork," he adds. "No one is watching how safe a ride is once it's installed and running."

According to the report, Splash Blasters has not been shut down, and the lawsuits still are moving forward.

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