Pool & Spa News recently announced a new player had entered the aquatic fitness market with the recent acquisition of perhaps the oldest manufacturer of current pools and swim spas.

Now, the sister publication to Aquatics International is providing more details on Watkins Manufacturing Corp.'s decision to purchase Endless Pools, which supplies a variety of current pools, including commercial-grade models, in addition to swim spas, aquatic treadmills and deeper wells for aquatic exercise and therapy.

“We have a spa platform, and we have an aquatic fitness platform," said Watkins President Steve Hammock. "And the aquatic fitness [platform] will be built around the brand Endless Pools.”

Hammock added it selected Endless Pools because of its position in the industry.

As part of the deal, the Endless Pools brand will remain distinct, Hammock said. Additionally, the line will continue to be manufactured at its current Aston, Pa.-based facility. Meanwhile, Endless Pools' founder/president, James Murdock, will remain with the company as chief innovation officer., while longtime Chief Operating Officer David Bills will manage the facility, Pool & Spa News reported. Read More