While watching something or other on TV the other day, I saw a commercial that instantly caught my attention.

Some may not recognize the man behind the wheel of the new Countryman MINI Cooper, but I placed the face immediately: Tony Hawk, original member of the Bones Brigade and arguably the greatest skateboarder of all time. In it, he and his four kids are driving down a dusty road on they way to a waterpark. But when they arrive, his one son makes a keen observation: "It looks kinda closed."

As a lifelong fan of skating, Hawk's presence alone was enough to get me to watch. But throw in an abandoned waterpark, and then on top of that toss in some skating on waterslides, and, well, you have my undivided attention.

Watch the commercial, and then check out this fun clip of its making. Notice anything familiar?

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Coincidentally, the waterpark shown is the one and only abandoned Mojave Desert-based Rock-A-Hoola Water Park (formerly Lake Dolores Water Park and later Discovery Watepark). And it just so happens that in December, we reported there was talk to reopen the facility.

Sadly, this commercial confirms it hasn't happened just yet. But could it finally be in the works? Could this commercial actually be a foreshadowing of what's to come? After all, companies are continuously coming up with clever product placement, and this certainly is a unique way to target three lifestyle categories in one. Maybe this is a creative way to reintroduce the park to the public. Who knows? It's possible it could even be reinvented to feature a major wave pool like the one headed to Austin (there is a very strong link between skateboarding and surfing!). And let's not eliminate the possibility of a joint skate park and waterpark. How cool would that be?

Of course, it could simply be a fun commercial. A perfectly timed car ad that has aired a few days before Father's Day. Either way, for me at least, the commercial pays tribute to dads, waterparks and skateboarders everywhere. But what if, just what if, we could witness the successful rise of a fallen waterpark? I guess we'll just have to continue to wait and see.

For now, we will happily stay tuned when the commercial airs and hope that, if they aren't already involved, Om Garg, the new owner of the abandoned park, and Oasis Theme Park, are inspired by this ad to press on with their mission to bring the facility back to life.

In the meantime, call your dads and wish them a Happy Father's Day!