The United States Lifeguard Standards Coalition, formed in 2006 “to research, identify and promote evidence-based standards for lifeguarding and water rescue,” has officially posted its initial draft outcomes for public review and comment. All stakeholders, including representatives of organizations that set regulations, standards, or practice guidelines in lifeguarding, are asked to provide input on recommendations developed for 15 key lifeguarding issues.

"We are primarily seeking hard scientific data that relates to the topic at hand, in case we may have missed key studies,” said B. Chris Brewster, president United States Lifesaving Association. “Aquatics professionals should provide feedback because the outcomes of this work are likely to influence lifeguard training for the foreseeable future.”

• To review and comment, visit • For more information, contact Co-Chair Dr. David Markenson: [email protected],Co-Chair Dr. Peter Wernicki: [email protected], Co-Chair Dr. Jerry Demers: [email protected], Jean Erdtman, American Red Cross: [email protected], Kay Smiley, YMCA of the USA: [email protected], or B. Chris Brewster, United States Lifesaving Association: [email protected].

The comment period ends Dec. 12, 2009. At that point, the Coalition will review all input received to determine whether any changes are necessary before publishing the final document.

“Hopefully, this process will bring lifeguarding into a more evidence based realm,” said Peter Wernicki, M.D., USLSC Co-Chair. “It also clearly shows the strong need for future science based research in lifeguarding.”