November 2010 Table of Contents

News Negative Press Hounds Industry

Pop the champagne and start counting down, 2010 is almost over and it’s time to start looking ahead.  Read more

News USA Swimming Boosts Athlete Protection

In light of several well-publicized lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by USA Swimming coaches (46 are now permanently banned by the organization), USA Swimming has formally passed several measures at its recent House of Delegates meeting. Read more

News Highly Publicized Studies Link Cancer, DBPs 

Three recently released research papers that were played up in the national media have provided new insight on disinfection byproducts — and their potentially harmful effects. Read more

News Millions Awarded for VGB Education

A number of industry groups recently were awarded millions of dollars in federal contracts to provide training and education on drowning prevention, as well as swimming pool and spa safety Read more

Willing and Able  Risk Management Willing and Able 

Why should aquatics professionals earn their credential in adapted aquatics?  Read more

Taking the LEED  Bottom Line Taking the LEED 

The Salinas (Calif.) Aquatic Center is the latest addition to the growing green movement in aquatics facility construction. Building green isn’t just a fad — it’s the direction in which our industry and so many others are heading Read more

Sex Abuse The Enemy Within

For more than three decades, he got away with it. Read more

Critical Conditioning  Lifesavers Critical Conditioning 

You have a well-run aquatic venue. Read more

High Intensity  Water Fitness High Intensity 

Get excited about your aquatic training program. Add some enthusiasm and effort. S Read more

Attack of the Zombies  Lessons Learned Attack of the Zombies 

I’m in aquatics, but I love an occasional construction project. In 2006 we decided it was time to replace our old hot tubs with a new, custom-built design. At last, it was my opportunity to build something! Read more

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