2017 Dream Designs - Splashaway Bay on Liberty of the Seas

An outdated kiddie pool and standard pool are converted into a colorful interactive spraypark.

For the tykes

The $3.5 million spraypark includes two climbable play structures with their own slides. The first, geared toward toddlers, includes small squirting elements.

Big kids' space

On the other structure, older kids can climb to the top and zoom down one of two curving, closed waterslides.

Easy access

Traditional cruise-ship pool can be intimidating, even older children, so the design team sought to make the new spraypark especially friendly to small children. This made the zero-depth access one of the park’s most important features.

A gusher

The giant dump bucket at the top of the wet play structure provides a downpour that can be enjoyed by all ages.

On watch

Deck chairs and two hot tubs around the splah park perimeter provide a place for parents and guardians to watch their young charges.

Running a tight ship

Pre-planning took on extra importance to make sure everything moved smoothly and briskly in the tight timeline. Once the ship docked, everything had to be ready to go. Larger features such as slides and play structures were assembled on the deck, then placed onboard when the time came. Everything else was placed on site before the ship arrived.

Setting limits

To save on costs, the team retained some of the piping. They had to engineer the play structure to match the plumbing’s maximum possible flow rates.

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