The 2012 swim season is about to kick into high gear, and pool operators and aquatics professionals are eager to get their hands on the latest industry advancements to make their facilities more successful than ever.

Based on reader response to our new products issue in January, along with a new online voting system, we’ve put together a list of the most popular products. The information is based on data provided by the manufacturers.


The Power Switching feature on Aquionic’s Hanovia UV allows for continuous applications and correct dosage of disinfection or chloramine regardless of bather load or water quality. Power Switching also extends lamp life and provides energy cost savings, per maker. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor pool applications. 

Contact: 859.341.0710;

WhiteWater West Industries

WhiteWater West Industries’ AquaSplash features stainless steel construction, fiberglass decks and stairs, and interactive spray elements, including the industry’s largest tipping bucket. It includes other vibrant, eye-catching interchangeable parts designed to stimulate younger children’s imaginations, per maker.

Contact: 604.273.1068;

Palintest USA

Palintest USA’s new Pooltest 25 Professional Plus Photometer is a waterproof, precision device for pools that features a Langelier Water Index, a PC Pool Pal Professional Water Lab version, a manganese HR test, and stores 1,000 test results with time, date and audit trail capability.

Contact: 800.835.9629;

BECS Technology

BECSys’ new Mobile Device Server allows users to access controllers using iPads, tablets or smartphones to monitor current status, modify parameters (password protected) and review graphs with input trace data time-synchronized with key system events. Existing BECSys controllers can be upgraded with this new capability.

Contact: 314.567.0088;


The medium-pressure, UVC light technology in DeltaUV’s environmentally friendly Em Series is designed to eradicate microorganisms in commercial aquatics facilities. It offers bacteriological control results and provides disinfection against cryptosporidium, giardia and e-coli, per maker.

Contact: 866.889.8765;

Big Ass Fans

Isis by Big Ass Fans now is UL-listed for use in wet environments, including natatoriums, locker rooms and pool deck areas. It provides gentle air circulation with silent operation, per maker.

Contact: 800.244.3267;


SlideCare’s new Chlora Shield is a clear, chlorine-resistant, wet look protective coating that is easy to apply, dries in 15 minutes and cures within 24 hours to seal fiberglass water slides, prevent oxidization and color fading, and bring back the “like new” original color of the slide, per maker. It also can be used on metal aquatic play features to prevent chlorine haze buildup.

Contact: 440.781.0051;


Recreonics now offers Wibit Sports’ inflatable Volley, made of commercial-grade, seamed, welded, 32-ounce PVC and equipped with an electric pump for easy setup and takedown. It can be installed in a few minutes on a pool’s edge and does not require continuous air flow.

Contact: 800.428.3254;

S.R. Smith

S.R. Smith’s third-party-verified, ADA- compliant Multilift comes standard with the new LiftOperator Intelligent Control System and features a 350-pound capacity. The Wheel-A-Way option provides the flexibility to remove the lift for poolside events or seasonal storage. The lift can be right- or left-side mounted.

Contact: 800.824.4387;

Waterplay Solutions

Waterplay Solution Corp.’s new modular slide activity centers are adaptable to a variety of grades and applications, and are easily customizable, per maker. They feature stainless steel construction, clear polycarbonate panels; mesh netting; curved decks; stairs and panels for a visually stimulating play area.

Contact: 800.590.5552;

AllChem Performance Products

AllChem Performance Products’ Vantage ACF-8 calcium hypochlorite tablet feeder is designed for smaller indoor and outdoor pools and spas. It is easy to install and operate, per maker.

Contact: 352.378.9696;


The Aquafit Bar by Aquafitgear Inc. features rigid design and easy grips. It’s available in three sizes for use in group classes of all levels: swim skills and stroke development programs, deep- and shallow-water and land exercise programs, and therapeutic arenas.

Contact: 610.873.3946;

Lincoln Aquatics

Lincoln’s new Mobile Aquatic Chair, aka MAC, provides accessibility in the water and around the facility. It is ideal for a location with a ramp, zero-depth entry or movable floor. Rear stabilizing wheels provide increased steadfastness when the MAC is in the water, per maker. It also features a stainless steel frame with a powder-coated finish, flip-up arms rests, an extra-wide 18-inch plastic seat and a 300-pound weight capacity.

Contact: 800.223.5450;

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions has replaced the isopropyl alcohol in its Heatsavr liquid solar pool cover with ethanol, making the reformulated product 90 percent bio-based. The remaining 10 percent is the patented active ingredient that will biodegrade along with the ethanol.

Contact: 800.661.3560;

Aquatic Access

The redesigned IGAT-180 series of ADA-compliant pool lifts by Aquatic Access Inc. includes bariatric units and a variety of seating options, along with the green power of flowing water, for the most attractive and cost-effective means of access to all pools, including those with infinity edges, per maker. 

Contact: 800.325.5438;

Global Lift

Global Lift Corp.’s chairs are laboratory tested to meet ADA standards and feature arm- and footrests, a safety seat belt, and user-friendly controls powered by 24-volt battery systems. Each UV-resistant chair is constructed of stainless steel with a powder-coated finish and includes a lifetime structural warranty.

Contact: 866.712.0606;

Aqua Products

Aqua Products’ new DuraMAX BiTurbo TRC pumps 10,200 gph, has a 120-foot cable, a three-directional wireless remote, a seven-hour timer and is equipped with super-brushes. The cleaner is backed by a two-year warranty.

Contact: 800.221.1750;

Pentair Aquatic Systems

Pentair developed the new WhisperFloFX pool pump using computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. The pump features a proprietary impeller design and hydraulic isolator for increased efficiency and smooth water flow, per maker. The isolator also separates priming water from pumping water for faster priming and more turbulence-free flow. It can pump in excess of 200 gpm, making the pump ideal for commercial applications, particularly those with waterfeatures, negative edges and slides. 

Contact: 800.831.7133;

Commercial Recreation Specialists

Commercial Recreation Specialists offers Wibit Sports’ inflatable Splasher slide for kids that floats on its own or sits on the pool deck. The durable, low-profile slide provides a safe climb, making it ideal for younger swimmers in shallow water, per maker.

Contact: 877.896.8442;

Water Tech

Water Tech Corp.’s new Pool Blaster Pro 1500 is a lightweight, battery-powered cleaner that can vacuum debris as large as golf balls and filter debris as small as 2 microns, per maker. It includes an Energy Star-qualified battery charger and two interchangeable battery packs, each with 1½ hours of running time for up to three hours of use; a patented Universal Vac Head Adaptor and a 19-inch vacuum head.

Contact: 800.298.8800;

Engineered TreatmentSystems

Engineered Treatment Systems’ new line of NEMA 4X equipment enclosures are designed for outdoor and severe indoor applications. Each features its own self-contained cooling units and UL-listed panel enclosures, available for all ECP, SP25 and ECF models.

Contact: 877.885.4628;

Industrial Test Systems

The Pool Check-i by Industrial Test Systems is a digital analyzer that tests for water quality parameters, including free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid and total hardness. It uses specialized optics to provide fast diagnostics for all six parameters in 35 seconds, per maker.

Contact: 800.861.9712;

Rehab Systems

Rehab Systems has modified its standard Aquatrek ladder to meet ADA standards for second entry method requirements, including a 24-inch-wide stepped handrail made to provide unlimited hand positions and maximum stability for users. There are no open risers; maximum riser height is 8 inches; tread depth is 11 inches minimum; and there are top landing handrail extensions.

Contact: 800.726.8620;


Acu-Trol’s new software package AcuManage allows a facility operator to monitor pH, ORP, ppm, temperature and flow of a body of water 24 hours a day online. The software provides usage details such as the time and date of the most recent data collection, and can chart pH and chlorine levels for a snapshot of chemical danger zones. The software interfaces effectively with Acu-Trol AK110 and AK600 controllers.

Contact: 800.831.7133;

Hayward Commercial Pool Products

Hayward Commercial Pool Products’ HCC 2000 Complete Package is one unit preconfigured with everything required to manage water chemistry, including the HCC 2000 controller, flow cell and flow sensor. All are now pre-mounted on a backboard with peristaltic feed pumps for pH and chlorine adjustment.

Contact: 800.657.2287;

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