Safety vacuum release systems and automatic pump shut-offs vary in their placement within the circulation system, depending on the brand. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions to find proper locations, as well as wiring schematics, check-valve guidelines, calibration and test procedures, and other information to ensure the products work properly.

A: Several of the available SVRSs and automatic shut-offs are incorporated into the pump or motor. They include the following brands:

A.O. Smith Corp.

The firm’s Guardian SVRS motors have a built-in load-sensing module that shuts the pump off during a suction blockage.

Hayward Pool Products

The manufacturer recently released the EcoStar SVRS, a variable-speed pump with integrated automatic shut-off.

Nidec Motor Corp. 

The EcoTech EZ variable-speed motor/control, designed as an easy, drop-in replacement, features an SVRS module.

Pentair Water Pool and Spa 

The company’s line of variable-speed pumps with built-in SVRSs include the Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS and the Sta-Rite IntelliPro VS+SVRS.

Waterway Plastics  

This manufacturer enters the entrapment-protection market with the Econo-Flo VS variable-speed pump with SVRS, and the SVL56 SVRS pump, available in single- and two-speed versions.

B: Stingl Products 

The Stingl-Switch SR-500 monitors vacuum and, upon detecting a blockage, shuts down the pump. Wall-mounted, wired into motor. Vacuum hose runs to pump trap.

C: Vacless Systems 

In the case of a suction blockage, Vacless Breathers allow air into the pump pot. Some models also shut off the pump. Attached to pump, replacing suction-side drain plug.

D: Hayward Stratum

This device vents the suction line and turns off the pump.

Wall-mounted, connected to the pump, with vacuum take-off tube hooked into suction line.

E: H2flow

Formerly called Emotron, the company produces the PSP20, a wall-mounted automatic pump shut-off system.

Wired into motor’s electrical connections.

F: Vac-Alert Industries 

Upon suction blockage, the VA-2000 models detect a vacuum and inject air into the suction line. Located on suction line, between main drain and drain line isolation valve, away from pump suction.

G: Paramount Pool & Spa Systems 

The MVFuse monitors vacuum in the suction line, introducing air into the system if a blockage is detected. Teed into plumbing near pool or spa, in leaf canister or small in-deck housing.