SlipIns SandPant Peppermint
SlipIns Zippered Mini Blue Water Shell
SlipIns Zippered Mini in Blue Water Shell

When it comes to spending time in the water, three things are more important than anything else: comfort, style and protection from the UV rays. So when I was given the opportunity to review a few samples of a new watersport apparel line, I was intrigued.

I live a mile from the beach, and we are a water family: At least once a day we either go surfing or swimming in the pool. Because of this, we're always seeking ways to make our experiences more enjoyable. SlipIns has helped to fulfill this goal.

Founded in 2013 and designed as a full-body rash guard of sorts that fits under a wet suit (making it easier to put on) , the Huntington Beach, Calif.-based company has expanded its line to include a variety of styles and designs, from zippered mini suits to leggings for the gym or even casual wear. The products are made of a blend of nylon and spandex and come in a number of bold patterns and colors. When it comes to safety and performance, the line offers protection from sun "over exposure" with a 60+ SPF rating and supports the muscles for more effective exercise sessions.

SurfSkins, DiveSkins and SurfSkin Minis are designed for all water sport activities while GymSkins are designed for aerobics, according the the manufacturer's website. I received a sample of the Blue Water Shell Zippered Mini, as well as a pair of pallazzo-style SandPants in the Peppermint pattern. First I tested out the mini in the ocean and in the swimming pool, and the suit performed well in both instances. I did not find the front zipper to be obtrusive while on the surfboard, and it stayed closed for the 3-hour surf session despite the pounding waves. I only applied one coat of sunblock before entering the water and my arms were well protected thanks to the long sleeves. With the water being on the warmer side and with the fog burning off early, I was worried I might get too hot, but it was the ideal amount of coverage for the SoCal summer morning. In the pool the results were similar. The zipper didn't scratch or irritate the skin of my 2-year-old daughter (who is learning to swim) and kept me a little warmer in the shaded area during our evening swim.

That same evening, I tried the pallazo-style SandPants in the Peppermint pattern. They were one of the most comfortable post-surf pants I've ever worn. The cut is very flattering and I kept them on for hours after leaving the beach with no desire to change into something else. Because they dry quickly, they offer a faster crossover to daily land activities without causing any irritation to the skin. I easily can see both lifeguards and water enthusiasts finding these pants to be both stylish, comfortable and functional.

While I would give these products a solid 8.5 out of 10 for function and performance, I wasn't as big of a fan of the particular patterns I sampled. However, I did see other options on the company's website that would be much more drawn to, especially the tribal print. That said, I do think consumers would find the variety of options satisfying. What's more, with a price tag ranging from $50 -$150, they are reasonably priced.

All in all, the line is an ideal option to sell at retail stores and in attractions gift shops as a unique alternative to the traditional swim suits.