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Making the Move Toward Transitioning Ownership

In this last installment, expert Scot Hunsaker discusses the logistics of selling... More

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6 Keys to Being a More Optimistic Leader

Pessimism and negativity are insidious things — like a slow-growing cancer, you... More

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Transitioning to the Next Generation of Leaders

In this series, Scot Hunsaker offers tips for succession planning, as seen in his... More

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#MeToo Equally Relevant in Aquatics

Three recent incidents illustrate the pervasive nature of sexual harassment in the... More

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Customer Complaints Aren't Always What They Seem

Kindness at a community pool goes a long way toward revealing the true problem More

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2013 Virtual Conference: Overcoming Obstacles

Replay the Aquatics International Virtual Conference to learn tips to successfully... More

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Cut the Web Tape

The next time you walk out on your pool deck and it’s a busy day, take a look around. More

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