Energy Efficiency

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Learn the Keys to Successful Pool Cover Installation

Whether installing automatic covers or safety covers, you can ensure long-term... More

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How to Make the Most of Variable Speed Pumps

Follow these tips for maximizing the energy-saving benefits of variable-speed... More

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These Tips Will Help You Make the Most of a Variable-Speed Pump

The best programming and hydraulics make all the difference. More

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Peering into the Future of Energy Efficiency

More changes are expected as the pool and aquatics industry and energy advocates... More

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Measuring Pool Heater Efficiency

Regulators have put a new system in place for measuring a heat-pump pool heater’s... More

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Energy Star: A Popular Program Gets an Update

The EPA has adopted a three-phase approach for its Energy Star pumps to align with... More

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Seresco Adds to NE Series of Commercial Dehumidifiers

Cut energy costs with this new product from Seresco. More

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Meet Alta Enterprises' Commercial Pool Cover

Want to reduce your pool's heating bill? Try this cover. More

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10 Things to Know About Variable Speed Pumps

VSPs are becoming a part of aquatics vernacular. Learn how they save energy in... More

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