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Learn How to Manage the Risk of a Lightning Event

With a carefully reasoned risk-management analysis, you can develop a... More

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A Bolt and a Clap: Part 2 of the Survey on Lightning and Aquatics Facilities

A review of expert positions and the discovery of some unsafe practices makes... More

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Aquatics Hazards: Lightning and Amoebas

In our June issue, we feature information from two experts on two different,... More

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Survey Shows Continued Inconsistencies in Lightning Protocol

Standard practice still eludes the industry when it comes to lightning, as a... More

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Lightning and Indoor Pool Closure Policy Sparks Discussion

A recent article rounding up the five reasons to keep an indoor pool open during a... More

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5 Reasons Lightning Shouldn't Close Your Indoor Pool

If you're wondering if you should close your indoor pool during a lightning storm,... More

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New Initiative to Reduce Lightning Injuries, Deaths

The United States Lifesaving Association, National Oceanic and Atmospheric... More

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OSHA Investigating Rare Lightning Strike Death

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration office in Tampa, Fla., is... More

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Lifeguard Killed by Lightning Strike

A lifeguard was killed when he was struck by lightning earlier this month More

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When Lightning Strikes

While there are many urban legends in the world of aquatics, one is by far the... More

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