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Retail Employees Value Flexibility Over Money

Part-time schedules allow retail workers to focus on other responsibilities, like... More

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MasterCard Ends Signature Transaction Requirements

Transaction signatures will no longer be required beginning in April 2018. More

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Bye Bye Burning Feet? Stick-On Soles Could Provide Your Guests Lasting Relief

Want novelty footwear in your retail shop? Consider these adhesive, waterproof shoes. More

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Creating a Partnership with a Swim School

A partnership between your retail store and a local swim school could add up to... More

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PoolCorp Makes Advances in Backyard Market

The distributor has entered into partnerships with two backyard living companies. More

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Most Overlooked Rules of Chemical Handling

To avoid catastrophe, do not ignore these most overlooked chemical handling rules. More

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Coming to a Shopping Center Near You … A Waterpark?

Malls are ailing in the Amazon Age. Waterparks may be just the thing to get people... More

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7 Commercial Pool Courses That Could Change the Way You Do Business Forever

Be sure to check out these educational opportunities for commercial aquatics... More

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Confusion Continues to Surround EMV Installation Despite Passing Deadline

Many retailers are still without functioning EMV machines More

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