It might be the most waterpark-friendly footwear ever invented.

An Italian company called Nakefit now makes adhesive foot-shaped pads that claim to protect feet against sunbaked pavement, infections and cuts.

The patent-pending material is waterproof … up to a certain point. Nakefit’s website warns that the elastic soles may lose their adhesion if you stay in the water too long. And it cautions against taking a dip in “liquids at high temperatures.” So guests sporting the barely-there footwear would be wise to stay out of the spa.

Otherwise, the pads are said to last upwards of 24 hours.

Provided they work as advertised, the hypoallergenic foot-tape may be just the thing for guests who dislike taking off their sandals before going down a waterslide. Plus, if these things catch on, you may have far fewer flip-flops in your lost-and-found bin.

It’s unknown what Nakefit’s distribution strategy is at the moment. The startup recently concluded a successful Kickstarter campaign, achieving 200% of its funding goal.

The anti-slip stick-ons are available in all sizes and three colors options – blue, pink and black. Pairs sell in packs of ten.

Retail shops at waterparks and aquatics facilities might want to add adhesive soles to their merchandising mix.