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A Close Look at the Workings of Antimicrobial Filtration Media

To microbes, the filtration area can serve as a reproduction ground and home to... More

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10 Things to Know About Variable Speed Pumps

VSPs are becoming a part of aquatics vernacular. Learn how they save energy in... More

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Understanding ORP and PPM

To benefit from these measurements, pool professionals first must understand how... More

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Cyanuric Acid: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

Let’s take the confusion out of this water treatment product once and for all More

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What is the True Measure of Ozone's Effectiveness?

When it comes to ozone as a disinfectant, more isn't always better. How much is... More

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Cost Calculators: A First Step

These programs help facility operators estimate the energy costs to be saved with... More

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Considering the Risks of Chemical Interaction

When chemicals are combined incorrectly it can create hazardous conditions for... More

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Finding the Perfect UV System for Your Facility

Tips on selecting, installing and maintaining UV systems in commercial pools More

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Reduce Natatorium Noise

Get noise to take a dive with acoustic absorption panels More

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