Bob Vincent
Bob Vincent

There are approximately 38,000 public pools in Florida, and Bob Vincent is one man overseeing them all. As environmental administrator at the Florida Health Department Bureau of Water Programs, Vincent supervises the state’s pool program, healthy beaches and drinking water. Today, he’s bringing that expertise to the national level as a member of the Model Aquatic Health Code’s Steering Committee

Vincent came to work on the Model Aquatic Health Code in 2007, taking over as a member of MAHC’s Steering Committee when his supervisor moved on to other opportunities.

“I think the perspective of a large state with a lot of pools like Florida was valuable to the CDC,” Vincent says. “They haven’t kicked me off, so I must be doing OK!”

A graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s in public administration from Florida State University, he began his career as a field inspector for the state DOH and later moved into a position at the Florida Environmental Protection Department for a few years. Vincent has held his current position since 2003. He’s responsible for revising the state pool rules and ensuring that the state’s health inspectors and pool engineers coordinate so that all pools are implementing state codes as required.

As an active member of the Steering Committee, Vincent has spent a lot of volunteer hours on conference calls and exchanging e-mails, working with the team reviewing material as it comes in from the technical committees to make sure that it is complete and based in science.

“It’s an exhausting process, but fortunately the Steering Committee includes a wealth of knowledge and is very adept,” Vincent says. 

For his part, he says he’s learned a lot, and his state will be reviewing the MAHC once it’s completed, to consider adopting new ideas.