The aquatics industry is entering the video game age, and the woman leading the charge is Carin Brown. As president of Aqua Kingdoms, LLC, a Madison, Wis.-based subsidiary of Creative Kingdoms, she is overseeing the rollout of SplashQuest, a live action game experience that combines waterpark fun with the interactivity of a video game.

Similar to Creative Kingdoms’ interactive MagiQuest game, SplashQuest is based on infrared light signals and represents the first such marriage of aquatics and technology. Players use a patented AquaGlove to activate a variety of different water effects to complete missions and score points. They compete against themselves, friends and family, and other players.

A graduate ofSan Jose State University with an MBA from Regis University in Denver, Brown first found her way into aquatics as a young performance water skier at Marine World Africa U.S.A. Her love of the water turned into a career with positions in lifeguarding and operations management at Marine World and another Northern California waterpark, Raging Waters.

In 1992, she joined the team that launched SCS Interactive, a waterpark attraction supplier. At SCS, Brown had a hand in marketing, sales, project management and product development, and was recognized for her ability to spot trends and balance free-flowing creative thinking with a more organized, business approach. Though her career eventually took her in different directions, including work as director of Design/Build Services at the Neuman Group, Brown maintained relationships with the founding SCS Interactive team members, and that led to her current opportunity.

SplashQuest is still in the rollout phase, but a prototype was successfully installed last summer at Schlitterbahn Water Resort in New Braunfels, Texas, and Brown has big plans for the future of the brand.

“I think SplashQuest is going to create a whole new revenue model for the aquatics industry,” she says. “It’s one great way to generate repeat business without generating ticket price shock. We’re going to continue to develop the product and push the technology further.”

Other Aqua Kingdoms products in development include Cannonball, featuring a giant ball that splashes down into a pool of water, and the Kinetic Ball Waterplay Structure, featuring colorful balls that guests can maneuver along an elevated track, causing chain reactions and various water effects.