In 1988, Ronald Reagan was still in the White House and a first-class stamp cost 24 cents. You could go to the movies, perhaps “Working Girl” or “Bull Durham,” for $3.50. A new house would set you back just an average of $91,600, but your interest rate would have been 10.58% on a 30-year fixed-rate loan.

What a difference 25 years makes.

With that in mind, we selected 25 people for this year’s Power 25 list whose presence says something about the past quarter-century in aquatics. Some are legends whose influence began long before 1988 and will continue long after 2013.

Others are notable for advocacy work or athletic achievements. Still others are the leaders of companies that have helped bring aquatics to where it is today.

We know you might disagree on a few, but that's one of the strengths of the aquatics industry, a field composed of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals who want as many people as possible to discover the joy of swimming and aquatics.

So here, in no particular order, is the Power 25.

Michael Phelps Janet Evans Greg Louganis B. Chris Brewster Dr. Frank Pia
Mike Espino Dr. Tom Griffiths Jeff Ellis Jill White Johnny Johnson
Ruth Sova Dr. Jane Katz Leland Yarger Richard D. Hunter Dr. John Hunsucker
Kimberly Schaefer Geoff Chutter D. Scot Hunsaker Chuck Neuman Dr. Tom Lachcoki
Rick Root Kent Williams Farhad Madani Dr. Michael Beach Dr. Alison Osinski