Dr. Tom Griffiths formed his consulting business, Aquatic Safety Research Group, to enhance safety and risk management in the industry. As such, the firm has been the platform for several key industry standards, including Griffith’s Five Minute Scanning Rule, and efforts such as the Note and Float campaign, designed to provide aquatics operators and patrons with a standard protocol to help protect small children and nonswimmers from drowning.

A force in the industry for more than 25 years, Griffiths is the former director of aquatics and safety officer for athletics at Penn State University. Continuing that commitment to education, his Aquatic Safety Research Group provides tailored educational sessions and offers a range of books and DVDs, all written and created by Griffiths.

Looking ahead, he believes science and technology will be the keys to improving aquatic safety. And it’s a sure bet that will be a major focus of Aquatic Safety Research Group in the years to come.

“It’s amazing how we rely on technology in so many areas to do a job — except in aquatics,’ Griffiths says. “I’m hoping [through science and technology] we can find new ways of approaching the problem rather than doing it the same old ways that we’ve been using for probably 50 years.”