Blue may be the color of choice in the industry, but if Rick Fedrizzi, has anything to do with it, aquatics professionals may be seeing a lot more green.

It’s no secret that protecting the environment — and reducing energy costs — has become a major concern in the past few decades. As president, CEO and founding chairman of the U.S. Green Building Council, Fedrizzi and his organization are leading the way in promoting sustainable building, design and construction practices.

Fedrizzi and several partners founded the USGBC in 1993, after several years working for Carrier Corp., where he developed and implemented environmentally responsible products. The organization’s goal is to proactively reduce the environmental footprint of buildings. Since its inception, USGBC has developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Building Rating System and now has more than 12,600 members from across the construction and building development industry. Fedrizzi says the aquatics industry could learn much about environmentally sustainable building from this group.

“Some of the core elements of green building are just as important in [aquatics] facilities as they are in green buildings: more daylight, more efficient energy and water use, improved indoor environmental quality,” says Fedrizzi, who’s also a former lifeguard and competitive swimmer. “Aquatics centers should strive to be as healthy as the people who use them — and green is the way to achieve that.”