Lincoln Aquatics

Lincoln’s new Mobile Aquatic Chair (MAC) provides accessibility in the water and around the facility. It is ideal for a location with a ramp, zero-depth entry or movable floor. Rear stabilizing wheels provide increased steadfastness when the MAC is in the water, per maker. It also features a stainless steel frame with a powder-coated finish, flip-up arms rests, an extra-wide 18-inch plastic seat and a 300-pound weight capacity.

Contact: 800.223.5450


When added to a swimming pool’s filtration system, Lonza’s CRS System improves water clarity and effectively traps cryptosporidium. It can be automated with the Pulsar sanitizer system for continuous, full-strength applications of fresh, available chlorine 24 hours a day, with up to 99 percent removal of cryptosporidium, per maker.

Contact: 201.316.9200

Mason Corp.

Mason Corp.’s new all-aluminum water slides feature an open stairway design and treads topped with Pebble-Flex. Its proprietary paint system is submersible in chlorinated water and will not dull.

Contact: 800.821.4100

Myron L Co.

Myron L’s new and improved PoolPro pool meter provides fast, accurate water quality measurements of pH, free chlorine, mineral/salt concentration, TDS, ORP, conductivity and temperature with the press of a button, per maker. It also features an LSI/hardness calculator and wireless data transfer of stored readings with an optional bluDock accessory package.

Contact: 760.438.2021


The National Swimming Pool Foundation offers the online Certified Pool/Spa Inspector national training program, which aims to help environmental health specialists conduct effective, consistent inspections and minimize exposure to public health hazards. The training is interactive and self-paced; includes a handbook along with narration, images, videos and exercises; and can be completed in approximately two hours.

Contact: 719.540.9119


Orbeco-Hellige’s MC500 Colorimeter comes pre-programmed with more than 90 water quality testing parameters, 10 of which were added in the past several months, with more to follow. The parameter methods are available on the company Web site for free. The hand-held device can store 1,000 points of data, which can be transferred wirelessly to a computer or printer using the company's IRiM Infrared Data Transfer Module.

Contact: 941.756.6410

Palintest USA

Palintest USA’s new Pooltest 25 Professional Plus Photometer is a waterproof, precision device for pools that features a Langelier Water Index, a PC Pool Pal Professional Water Lab version, a manganese HR test, and stores 1000 test results with time, date and audit trail capability.

Contact: 800.835.9629

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics

Pentair developed the new WhisperFloFX pool pump using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis. The pump features a proprietary impeller design and hydraulic isolator for increased efficiency and smooth water flow, per maker. The isolator also separates priming water from pumping water for faster priming and more turbulence-free flow. It can pump in excess of 200 gpm, making the pump ideal for commercial applications, particularly those with waterfeatures, negative edges and slides.

Contact: 800.831.7133

Poly Solutions

Poly Solutions now offers UPOC Natural, an easy-to-use, earth-toned, VOC-free coating for ponds and fountains. It can be applied in one coat to nearly to all substrates for a natural-looking environment for fish and plants.

Contact: 724.449.1040