Compu Pool Products

Compu Pool’s award-winning, easily mounted E-Series Commercial saltwater chlorine generator eliminates chlorine storage, reduces water chemistry problems, lowers chemical costs and improves water and indoor air quality, per maker. Models range from outputs of 4- to 26 pounds per day. They are most suitable for small- to mid-sized commercial applications.

Contact: 888.989.7258

Degremont Technologies / Triogen Ltd.

Degremont Technologies’ UVA range for large commercial pools includes models for recirculation rates of 200- to 4,000-m3/h and applies a UV dose of 60 mJ/cm2 at the end of lamp life to ensure effective disinfection and chloramine destruction. Features include a programmable, automatic wiper, quick-release power head and the ability to communicate with a facility management system. All models are NSF- and UL-listed.



The medium-pressure, UVC Light Technology in DeltaUV’s environmentally friendly Em Series is designed to eradicate microorganisms in commercial aquatics facilities. It offers bacteriological control results and provides disinfection against cryptosporidium, giardia and E. coli, per maker.

Contact: 866.889.8765


Dri-Dek’s self-draining, anti-skid floor tiles are constructed of Oxy-B1 vinyl to fight the spread of fungus and bacteria and are designed to keep wet floors dry. The tiles come in 3-by-4-feet and 3-by-12-feet interlocking rolls.

Contact: 800.348.2398

eLifeguard’s Thin Strap Proback two-piece separates for female lifeguards are made from 80 percent nylon, 20 percent spandex, chlorine-resistant material fully lined in navy blue. The suit features thin straps, draw stings, a low drag profile, bar tack-reinforced stress points and an embroidered lifeguard logo.

Contact: 800.852.0284

Empex Watertoys

Aquanetics by Empex Watertoys allows kids to turn a hand wheel to produce different sprays, water flows and many other zany kinetic effects. The structures include Aquawizz, Aquanoodle, Aquaswirl and Aquamill. Incorporating several of these in the curvilinear Aquadek, the company also has created the new Aquacircus, a climb-and-slide structure with many slide experiences and interactive activity.

Contact: 833.866.8580

Engineered Treatment Systems

Engineered Treatment Systems’ new line of NEMA 4X equipment enclosures are designed for outdoor and severe indoor applications. Each features its own self-contained cooling units and UL-listed panel enclosures, available for all ECP, SP25 and ECF models.

Contact: 877.885.4628

Family Fun Corp.

Family Fun Corp.’s Uniwall offers the design freedom of gunite and the strength of concrete, per maker. The low-maintenance Uniwall, available in continuous lengths up to 400 linear feet, becomes self-supporting when reinforced with pockets of concrete.

Contact: 800.321.0440


Positive Drive Fins by FINIS are designed to correct propulsion with all swim strokes; promote a natural inward supination kick style, allowing the feet to flex naturally; and increase leg strength, foot speed and ankle flexibility. They are available in sizes from youth 8 to men’s 13.

Contact: 888.333.4647

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions has replaced the isopropyl alcohol in its Heatsavr liquid solar pool cover with ethanol, making the reformulated product 90 percent bio-based. The remaining 10 percent is the patented active ingredient that will biodegrade along with the ethanol.

Contact: 800.661.3560